How to load the boat in Flotsam Vale in Another Crab’s Treasure


    The only way to reach Roland is with a ship, but the only one you have access to is dead. Watch how to load the ship in Flotsam Vale in Another Crab’s Treasure to find the treasure.

    How to charge the boat battery in Another Crab’s Treasure

    While Roland gets his way with the treasure map, the only way to pursue it is by boat through all the dirt. However, the only boat has no working battery. Here’s how to charge the ship’s battery in Another Crab’s Treasure so you can reach it and get the map back.

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    To recharge the battery, you will have to go through Skullportthe main garbage collection facility for Roland’s Shellfish Corp. Right at the beginning, you will see a plug That’s missing a fuse. You must find it to open the facility door. Luckily, this first fuse It is just to the left of the door.

    Once you open the door, go through the building and back out to activate a moon snail shell teleport Move forward until you reach a second socket. This time, the switch next to it will give you a spring shell instead of a fuse.

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    Wear the spring casing and stand under the big magnet. Once you are right under it, press the lock button, and you will be exalted. Now it’s easy to jump onto the platform and grab the second fuse. Once you connect it, return to the magnetic beam and let it take you to a new area.

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    The objective is to climb to the top to be able to move to the next building. Climb the stairs and go outside, fighting all the annoying crabs in your way. You will reach a crack in the wall to get back in, but be careful as there is a hammerhead crab with electrical powers waiting to kill you as soon as you set foot in the building.

    If you don’t feel like fighting it, you can quickly jump towards it. sponge to the left and towards the beams. From here you will head towards the network with urchins so you can hook on and climb. Jump to shelf behind you and you’ll reach Firth, another Moon Snail Shell, and a shortcut, which is there in case you fall to the ground (which has happened to me so many times).

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    Wait for the big magnet to arrive and it will take you to a new building. It will leave you right in front of the third fuse. The stairs leading up are broken, but you don’t have to go up there yet anyway. Instead, drop it all the way to the ground and follow the big pipe. It will take you to third fuse.

    Go back up using several hands and put the fuse in the socket. This will activate an elevator that will close the gap between the broken stairs. Now you can go up jumping on it. Be careful not to slide, as it is quite annoying to get back up all the way.

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    Keep going up until you reach the ceiling and the fourth fuse. You’ll also see another hammerhead crab in the corner to the right. You can easily avoid a fight by going left and around the trash blocks until you reach the fourth fuse on the far left. Once you grab him, he goes back the same way and connects him.

    This time, move hooks which you can use to cross to the roof of the next building. On the roof, you’ll find another moon snail shell that you need to activate before you go. through the hole on the floor. Once you go down, you will find another one. magnet that will take you to the next area.

    Note that the moment you go down to the new building, you will be attacked by a hammerhead crab. There’s a fifth fuse Right behind him you need to find a fuse. Jump up to the platform below to avoid being killed. He kills the crabs and enters the room with the sponge. Jump on it and you will find the fuse.

    When you connect it, a hook A drop-down menu will appear that you will have to hold on to as it will take you to the ceiling. This is where things get quite complicated. The fuse switch is on the ceiling, but the fuse will appear in a different area. You need to be vvery fast If you want to get it before it disappears. Click on the change then runs towards him green network.

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    Once up, jump over the edge and towards the platform. Get hooked on the purple network and cross, being careful of the urchins, until you can jump to the platform below. You will have to cross and up the stairs to finally grab the sixth fuse. He plug is just below; There is also a moon snail shell that you need to activate.

    When you connect the fuse, two gas canisters They will appear and you can go through them. In the next area you will find the last socket on the ceiling. There is also a switch right next to it, but unfortunately it is not that easy. The switch is for the spring housing, which is helpful if you don’t already have one.

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    The fuse is nearby, but you can only reach it by going under the magnet that surrounds this area. It will take you to some piles of trash on the right, where a hammerhead crab and the last fuse They are waiting for you. Grab the fuse quickly and jump down to plug it in.

    You are now officially done with fuses. Go down the stairs and cross the platforms to the last area. You will see a pipe on the ground. Jump down to face down and defeat the boss Voltai, the Accumulator. Once you do, you will get the Electrocuted adaptation which can charge the battery. Jump down the shaft and return to the boat so you can chase him.

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