How to level stealth fast in Starfield



    Skills in Starfield can be tricky to level up if you don’t know what you are doing. Other times, skills like Stealth are confusing as the game description doesn’t explain how the skill works. Luckily, we at PGG cracked the code and made this guide on how to level up Stealth fast in Starfield.

    How to level Stealth in Starfield – Fast Leveling Guide

    To level stealth in Starfield, you first need to unlock the skill. Unlike previous Bethesda games, you must unlock the stealth skill before leveling it. You can unlock the stealth skill by opening your skill menu and using one skill point. To access the skill menu on your PC, press the P key on your keyboard. For console users, press the menu button on your controller and use the analog stick to access the skill menu. You can find and unlock the stealth skill at the top of the physical skill tree.

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    We recommend farming XP first if you do not have enough skill points. Once you unlock the stealth skill in Starfield, you can level it up by getting successful stealth kills while undetected. The status Hidden will appear at the top of your screen when undetected. Only attack targets when you see this on screen, or the stealth kill won’t count. 

    To help with stealth kills, we recommend getting a decent suppressed weapon and practicing on low-level creatures from afar to get stealth kill. Using a scoped weapon and shooting a creature from afar is also a good option. We also recommend finding a planet with non-aggressive creatures and practicing on them until you get the hang of stealth. Eventually, by farming simple creatures, you can start moving on to tougher foes, such as Bosses or Raiders. To fully level your stealth skill, you must earn over 60 stealth kills and use four skill points.

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