How to learn Dragon Ascent in Pokémon GO


    Mega Rayquaza is finally entering the game during Pokémon GO Fest 2023. This is one of the most fearsome Mega evolutions in Pokémon history. Getting Mega Rayquaza would not be half as fun, though, without its signature move, Dragon Ascent. Going into Pokémon GO Fest, players are definitely going to want to know how to get this move on Rayquaza.

    How can Mega Rayquaza learn Dragon Ascent in Pokémon GO?

    In order to get access to Dragon Ascent, Pokemon GO trainers are going to need a Meteorite. This is a big Easter Egg to Generation III, where Meteorites fell on the Hoenn region which Rayquaza lived in.

    To get a Meteorite, players will need to participate in the Special Research event during Pokémon GO Fest: Global. This will occur on August 27th, a week after the Pokémon GO Fest in New York. Completing this Special Research will give every player a Meteorite, and ticket holders will get two Meteorites.

    How good is Dragon Ascent on Mega Rayquaza?

    At this point, it looks like Dragon Ascent will be the best Flying-type move on Mega Rayquaza. Of course, it’s hard to compete with Hurricane, Rayquaza’s other Flying-type move, but when comparing the two, Dragon Ascent is actually better.

    Dragon Ascent has a base power of 150, while Hurricane only has a base power of 110. The one point in Hurricane’s favor is that it requires less energy: 65 to Dragon Ascent’s 70. Here is the issue with this comparison, though; the difference is so little that it doesn’t really matter.

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    In battle, most Mega Rayquaza’s will likely use Dragon Tail as their fast move. That move generates 9 energy in PvE per use. Therefore, after using seven Dragon Tails, Mega Rayquaza will have charged 63 energy. That’s not even enough to use Hurricane.

    In this instance, Mega Rayquaza will have to use Dragon Tail one more time to get 72 energy, but that’s enough to use Hurricane or Dragon Ascent. So, either way, Mega Rayquaza will need to use Dragon Tail eight times to use either charge move. At that point, it’s better to use Dragon Ascent for the extra power.

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