How to keep animals happy in LEGO Fortnite


    Keeping your animals happy is essential to producing resources quickly in LEGO Fortnite. So if you’ve assigned your animals and need to learn how to keep them happy in your village, here’s an extensive guide that shares some tips and tricks.

    Tips and tricks to keep your animals happy in LEGO Fortnite

    Animal happiness can be maintained in various ways, such as assigning a villager to care for them, grouping animals, petting them, showing emotions around them, and feeding them animal treats. I have explained each of these methods in more detail below.

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    Assign a villager to take care of the animals.

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    It is always better to assign a dedicated villager to take care of the animals instead of taking care of them manually. Doing this will allow you to focus on other essential tasks and avoid animal maintenance tasks such as feeding and maintaining the barn. So, assign your barns a villager with traits like resource gathering and cooking. The villager in particular will take care of everything and improve the quality of life of your animals, making them happy.

    Feed them animal treats

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    As the name suggests, Animal Treats are special foods for your animals. You can use them to tame or bring animals to your village and periodically improve their mood. I usually give at least one animal treat every 3-4 days to each animal on my farm. So if you feel your animals are unhappy or bored, prepare some treats on your grill and feed them.

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    pet animals

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    Just like in real life, petting your animals in LEGO Fortnite will also improve their mood. Before leaving your village, pet all the animals on your farm once a day or two. Doing this will create a bond and naturally make you happy. Approach them without food in your hand to pet the animals.

    Get excited in front of animals

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    In addition to petting, you can also make gestures in front of the animals to encourage them and keep them happy. Then press b on your keyboard or directional pad on your gamepad to open the gesture wheel. Choose the Emote of your preference to dance in front of your animals.

    Building interactable structures

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    Build specific structures, such as rugs, it can also make your animals happy as they can sleep in it. Build and place such items around the barn/farm area to keep your animals jubilant. Remember, don’t overdo it; Keep only one of these items per animal.

    group of animals

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    From my observation, having a variety of animals or at least a couple of the same breed maintains the happiness level of the animals. Therefore, keep as many animals as possible on the farm with various animals like sheep, pigs and chickens.

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