How to Heal in Lethal Company Guide


    Trying not to take damage is difficult in Lethal Company, so figuring out how to heal yourself is the next best step. However, trying to heal yourself is not as easy as it seems in the game.

    Can you heal in Lethal Company?

    If you’re dying to know if you can heal in Lethal Company, It seems that you can’t. In short, there doesn’t seem to be any real way to heal your character if you take damage. The list in Store Menu Page Nor does it seem to carry any healing items. Because of this, further damage and deaths must be avoided in Lethal Company. I recommend working with other players and using teamwork to avoid getting into combat. Doing so will help increase the survival rate of all players and reduce the risk of harm. Here’s a list of things I recommend trying with your team at Lethal Company:

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    Tips to survive in Lethal Company

    • Use the radar: One player must be on the radar monitor, watching and guiding the other player searching for loot.
    • Have a loot runner: Another player must wait to take loot to the ship while the scavenger player returns with more loot.
    • Use the teleporter: If you’re in trouble, the teleporter comes in handy and can teleport out of harm’s way if the radar is watching them. You can obtain and use the Teleporter by visiting the Shop in the Terminal and spending some of your credits.

    Can you revive in the company of Lethal?

    Similar to being able to heal, you cannot revive players if they die in Lethal Company. Because of this, if players die, they must wait for the game to end to respawn. Before the game ends, we recommend collecting the dead player’s body and returning it to the ship. Doing so will prevent you from receiving a fine for recovering the player’s corpse.

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