How to get vestige seedlings in Lords of the Fallen


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    Lords of the Fallen plays very similar to the Dark Souls series. You can’t take more than a few steps without seeing something derived from it. One point where Lords of the Fallen differs, however, is how the game handles bonfires. While they do exist, there are very few of them compared to Dark Souls. Instead, you are expected to use Vestige Seedlings to make your own. The problem is that they are limited and getting more is either time-consuming or expensive. However, you need them, so here’s how to get more Vestige Seedings in Lords of the Fallen.

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    Where to get Vestige seedlings in Lords of the Fallen

    Vestige Seedlings can be obtained in different ways throughout the game. The easiest way is to buy them from Morliu for 2500 Vigor. Morlhu can be found on Skyrest Bridge in the Umbra room west of the Vestige of Ethryg, just up the stairs. Make sure you are in Threshold, otherwise you won’t be able to talk to him.

    If you’re not interested in spending precious Vigor to purchase Vestige Seedlings, then you have the option of farming Umbral’s demonic habitats and praying for a drop. The stronger the monstrosity, the more likely you are to get a Vestige Seedling as loot. Bosses always drop a Vestige Seedling, but they can only be killed once and therefore cannot be farmed. Still, you can save the seeds you get from them.

    How to use Vestige Seedlings in Lords of the Fallen

    The prospect of being able to place a resting point anywhere is tempting, and while Lords of the Fallen takes us a step in that direction, there are still limitations on when and where a Vestige Seedling can be used. That limitation applies to flower beds found all over the world.

    To use Vestige Seedling to create a resting point, they must be placed in a flower bed. They’re easy to miss, but luckily, your Umbral Lamp lights up when you’re near or on top of one. Doing so will create the rest point, which works exactly like a Vestige does. However, you are only allowed to have one active Vestige Seedling rest point at a time. If you place a new one somewhere else, the old one will be removed from the world and you will not be able to return to it.

    When should you use Vestige Seedlings in Lords of the Fallen?

    There are many flower beds throughout the world of Lords of the Fallen, and each one will allow you to use a Vestige Seedling to create a resting point. However, Vestige Seedlings are not easy to come by, so it may not always be necessary to use one just because you see a flower bed. Whether or not to place one will depend on your current supplies.

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    If you are low on health items, then there is a strategic reason to place a rest point using a Vestige Seedling, as you can refill your supplies there. If you are nearing the end of your current Threshold cycle and find a flower bed nearby, then placing one makes a lot of sense. You should avoid using Vestige Seedlings unless you have no choice but to do so or there are no Vestige nearby.

    Where to farm Vigor for Vestige Seedlings in Lords of the Fallen?

    If you go the buy route, I recommend farming the spike-headed enemy just to the left of the Pilgrim’s Perch Bell Lounge.

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    This mob grants around 500 stamina per kill and can be easily killed with moderate equipment. The best part is that Vestige is very close, so restarts happen quickly once the mob is dead. Additionally, Spikeheads drop their helmet quite often, which also sells for 250 Quick Vigor at any vendor. Make sure to dispel his Umbral shield before trying to attack him.

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