How to get thread in Merge Mansion



    Merge Mansion is a story-driven mobile app that combines mystery and gameplay. In it, you have to merge items to move around the mansion, arranging it room by room. Many of these areas require the thread to be improved. The thread itself is not a natural resource in the game, but you can create it by following the guide below.

    Create thread in Merge Mansion

    To create thread, you will first need to get your hands on some moths. Moths love open spaces and artificial lighting, so look Lamp post near empty fields to find them The moths that appear in the Merge Mansion are quite special because they drop silk. You can expect a moth to give you 60 silk before they disappear.

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    once you have two silk You can combine them to get thread. The first thread you create will be just a level one thread, but through combinations you can create a level two thread before making a ball worth four coins.

    thread levels

    There are 12 possible thread variations that increase in value as they are merged. These varieties are:

    • Silk (a coin)
    • Tier One Thread (One Coin)
    • Tier Two Thread (Two Coins)
    • Ball of yarn (four coins)
    • Largest ball of yarn (six coins)
    • Yarn Balls (12 coins, one XP star)
    • Level One More Balls of Yarn (25 Coins, One Star XP)
    • Level two plus yarn balls (51 coins, one star XP)
    • Level three plus balls of yarn (102 coins, one star XP)
    • Tier One Knitting (205 Coins, One Star XP)
    • Tier Two Knitting (410 Coins, One Star XP)
    • Tier Three Knitting (820 Coins, One Star XP)

    You can expect to use yarn more in outdoor places, such as the pool house, Tennis courtY romantic place.

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