How to get the Yamato mythical weapon in Type Soul


    Choosing different races, styles, moves, and weapons can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why I was eager to get my hands on possibly the best universal mythic weapon in Type Soul. Here’s how to get the Yamato Sword in Type Soul.

    Where to get The Mythical Yamato in Type Soul

    You can get the Yamato weapon through Clan Wars, where you will see it as a dimensional fragment. You can also use Type Soul trading to acquire it if there is a player offering it. Please note that while everyone can use this sword, critical attacks differ depending on which race is using it. You may want to learn more about the critics of each career before investing in one.

    How Yamato crits work for each race in Type Soul

    While each race receives the same M1 attack (which is faster than Dagger!) from Yamato, the special (critical) attacks are different.

    • Boot Critical It will hit enemies once and push them away, which is a good tactical maneuver, especially if you want to create distance between you and your opponent. You should definitely pair the Yamato with some of the best Arrancar builds in Type Soul.
    Screenshot via Nanoprodigy YouTube
    • Soul Reaper Critic Perform multiple rapid attacks, knocking down the enemy with the last hit. In Bankai, the attack continued the same.
    Screenshot via NanoProdigy YouTube
    • quincy critic Deals damage around you but can be easily blocked. While it can be useful in some situations, it is not as effective in one-on-one combat. The developers have recognized that this version is the weakest, so they improved its attack shortly after the initial release. But even with better damage output, it’s still the worst option of the three.
    Screenshot via NanoProdigy YouTube

    How to equip the Yamato mythical weapon in Type Soul

    No matter what career you choose, To use the Yamato weapon, you must invest 50 points in Speed.. I recommend that you try combining his attack with other abilities, since some that sound good in theory don’t work well. The main reason is the attack animation, which prevents you from performing quick combos. Maybe it’s on purpose to prevent Yamato from being too dominant.

    Now that you know how to get the Yamato mythical weapon, check out how it ranks compared to some of the best shikai weapons in Type Soul.

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