How to get the real Zangetsu in Reaper 2


    Getting access to True Zangetsu in Reaper 2 can be a challenge, especially since you must have already obtained two difficult items. However, our guide is here to help you on your path to obtaining the True Zangetsue and to understand what abilities it can offer.

    Where to find the real Zangetsu in Reaper 2

    Before you can access the True Zangetsu, you must already have the Zangetsu and the Visor. The Zangetsu is a Shikai that has great damage and speed abilities in its bankai form. He has a 1% chances of being acquired. The Vizard is obtained by killing. Kisuke Urahara, which is located on the mountain near Acid Hollows. However, you can only access Vizard if you are on Prestige 3.

    Once you have both, talk to Kisuke at his cabin, which is located in the Frosty Mountains. He will transport you to the Royal Palace.

    The first trial

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    Once you reach the Royal Palace, talk to Ōetsu, who will transport you to the first test you will need to take to obtain the True Zangetsu. For the test, you must participate in a battle. To increase your chances of winning, be sure to use skills that deal a lot of damage. After completing the test, return to Ōetsu and talk to him. He will tell you to talk to the Guardian, who will transport you to the second test.

    The second trial

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    After being transported by The Gatekeeper, the second test will begin. This test is called the catwalk, and requires speed and precision. Several letters will appear on the screen and you will need to press the correct letters on your keyboard as they appear on the screen. If a mistake is made, the test will end and you will have to start over. Once this test is completed, you will be granted the True Zangetsu ability.

    What the real Zangetsu does in Reaper 2

    Once both tests have been completed and you have the True Zangetsu, you will unlock its power. Comes with three abilities: Run forward, cross barand Getsuga Juujisho. The Getsuga Juujisho has two variants; one is awarded after you have obtained True Zangetsu, and the other variant requires you to have The Keep Standing buff.

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