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    After nearly months, developers Tenclll have finally released a new content update for their popular game – Slap Battles. As usual, the latest patch features a new glove called Null Glove. Upon using this glove, players can spawn a black circle, out of which a mysterious black monster will emerge that will attack opponents. To get the Null Glove in Slap Battles, you need to obtain the Relic Badge by finishing a unique quest that revolves around finding the Rob Plushie in a dungeon-like area.

    How to get the Relic Badge in Slap Battles

    As mentioned earlier, you will get the Null Gloves if you obtain the Relic Badge associated with it. To get the Relic Badge in Slap Battles, follow the given steps.

    • Hop into the game with two of your friends. Tell one of them to wear a Rob glove and the other a Bob glove.
    • First, tell the Rob user to activate their ability, followed by the Bob user. Ensure that they are standing adjacent to each other while using their power.
    • Upon doing this, a purple and black portal will appear on your screen. Enter the portal hole, and you will die immediately. Also, tell your friends to touch the portal.
    • After spawning back to the lobby, you will be teleported to another world with your friends with a message – The Relic Calls for an Audience. If you receive this message, you are on the right path.

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    • Now starts the actual quest. Inside the new world, you will find a lot of dead bodies around you. Don’t worry! They have nothing to do with the actual quest. Keep moving forward and find the switch in the room. 
    • Once you activate a switch, you will find the next room. Again locate the handle button and press it. Also, kill all the black-colored minions when they try to attack you in most sections. Repeat the procedure till you find to reach the maze room. 
    • The maze room is a blue-colored area where you must find the pressure plate at the end of the section. Press it and return to the original gate area. Do this a total of two times and cross the gate before the time elapses.
    • After that, keep parkouring, fight all minions, and continue searching switches till you reach the final level.

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    • In the last trail area, you won’t find any toggle switch or pressure plates, only a gate in front of you and an axe at the back. Tell one of your friends to sacrifice their life by jumping at the moving axe. Immediately, the door will open and cross the level. Jump across the remaining parkour section and touch the Rob Plushie at the end to acquire the Relic Badge.

    How to unlock the Null Badge in Slap Battles

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    After acquiring the Relic Badge, return to the main glove lobby, and you can equip the Null glove from the shelf. You can find the Null glove adjacent to the Retro glove in the inventory area. 

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