How to get the Fortnite Renegade Runner skin for free



    Fortnite Renegade Runner will be available for free to a select number of players. These lucky players will have to be among the best at the Renegade Runner Cup. Here’s how to sign up and get started.

    How to play the Fortnite Renegade Runner Cup

    The Renegade Raider Cup takes place on April 12 and the exact start time will vary by region. Players can check the exact start time by logging into Fortnite, going to the Compete tab, and looking at how the start appears.

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    This will be a tournament that will combine the entire NA region on one central server, and the NA West and NA East prize pools from previous tournaments will no longer be there. This cup does not require a certain arena rank for players to get on, so people of all skill levels can freely participate.

    Fortnite Renegade Runner Cup Format

    One interesting change that Epic made to this cup is the fact that it will feature a zero construction and regular battle royale option. Both tournaments will be duets. This means that players can choose to compete in a build cup or no builds. The tournaments run at the same time, so you will have to choose one over the other.

    Like most tournaments of this nature, most points come from surviving, but there are still points to be gained by securing eliminations. Here’s the full breakdown. This applies to both cups.

    • victory royale: 25 points
    • 2nd: 22 points
    • 3rd: 20 points
    • 4th: 18 points
    • 5th: 17 points
    • 6th: 16 points
    • 7th: 15 points
    • 8: 14 points
    • 9: 13 points
    • 10: 12 points
    • eleven: 11 points
    • 12: 10 points
    • 13: nine points
    • 14: Eight points
    • fifteen: seven points
    • 16: six points
    • 17: Five points
    • 18 to 19: four points
    • 20 to 21: Three points
    • 22 to 23: Two points
    • 24 to 25: A point
    • Each Elimination: A point

    Fortnite Renegade Runner Cup Rewards

    The skin will automatically unlock for the best in each region, but that means only a select few will get it. Earning at least eight points earns players the Starry Raider Emoticon, and 16 points will earn the Renegade Reunion loading screen. This is where players have to end up to get the Raider’s Back Bling skin and backpack on top of all that.

    • Europe: 1 to 1400
    • N/A: 1 to 100
    • Brazil: 1 to 450
    • Asia: 1 to 450
    • Oceania: 1 to 225
    • middle East: 1 to 225

    Players who don’t earn the skin will be able to pick it up in the Item Shop starting April 15. Cup winners will get some extra bragging rights, as they can equip the Renegade Runner as soon as Epic hands out the prize. .

    Fortnite Renegade Runner Cup Tips

    Some advice for players entering these tournaments for the first time would be to just take it easy. Everyone who competes is doing it for the same reward, and there are even some benefits to starting a little late. Teams can play up to 10 games during the three-hour span, and a late start could mean easier competition. Epic tends to match up teams with teams with a similar amount of points, so starting half an hour late could mean you’ll be up against underperforming duos.

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    A typical Fortnite tournament usually results in a frantic build battle at the end with a moving zone, so knowing when to fight is very important. Avoiding fights and looting might be a much more viable strategy. This doesn’t apply to Zero Builds, of course, but choosing the right fight is still important. Finding an uncontested POI is also nice because it means free loot and a much lower chance of getting eliminated early in a match.

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