How to get spare parts fast at Rusty’s Retirement


    Rusty uses spare parts to purchase everything from crops to more farmland at Rusty’s Retirement. I’ll show you how to gather spare parts quickly so you can expand your next Rusty’s Retirement farm.

    How to Make Spare Parts Quickly at Rusty’s Retirement

    When you start a new farm in Rusty’s Retirement, you will have a house, a biofuel converter, a well, and a 4×4 farmland. You will also have 400 Spare Parts and 8 Biofuels. Instead of investing this money directly into crops, I recommend purchasing a Water Bot and a Harvest Bot from the store. They are located in the “buildings” tab, which has a small icon of a house.

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    They will help Rusty harvest crops much faster and free up space for him to build and move crops to the biofuel converter. Start by building the Water Bot, then set up the Harvest Bot and fill the field with wheat seeds.

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    Wheat will grow and be harvested quickly thanks to robots. With the money, plant two rows of wheat, one row of beets, and one row of cabbage.

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    While they are growing, take a moment to look at the blocked crops in the grow tent. By hovering over them, you will be able to see the requirements to unlock them. Crops like beets aren’t as good at generating scrap pieces quickly, but you’ll need to farm a certain amount to unlock the crops that are. Grow enough to unlock the crops with their requirements and after that you can practically forget about them.

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    At this point, you’ll also want to change the order of Rusty’s priority tasks. First I did the construction, then the moving, then the biofuel, then the harvesting and water, since the robots take care of that. This should help Rusty complete tasks that only he can do before helping with tasks that the bots manage.

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    As you progress through the game, to get the most money you will need to unlock new crops, add more robots, and start inviting new friends. I started by adding a Biofuel Bot so I could take advantage of converting biofuel to spare parts. I then added a second Water Bot, a second Harvest Bot, and quickly earned enough to build Haiku’s house for an extra pair of hands. I also built another biofuel converter to get a large amount of biofuel to convert into spare parts.

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    Conversion of biofuels into spare parts

    As the crops are harvested, Rusty and his friends will place three different varieties of crops into a biofuel converter. The converter will begin creating biofuel as soon as all three are placed. After about 20 seconds, the crops will disappear and Biofuel will be created.

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    Biofuel is needed to power new robots and buildings, but it can also be turned into spare parts! There is a small “convert” button in the store to exchange biofuel for spare parts.

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    This tab can be used to convert your biofuel into additional spare parts. One Biofuel is worth 10 Refills. As an example, in the image below I have 230 Biofuels and 856 Spare Parts.

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    After selecting 100 Biofuels in the converter and completing the conversion, my Spares amount increases from 856 to 1,856! While you’ll want to save up biofuel later to unlock the more expensive houses, it’s a perfect way to get money at the start of your farm.

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    If you want to make the most of this method, the following crops are perfect to turn into biofuel for your farm. The “Biofuel Conversion Value” in the table shows how much biofuel a plant will convert into in the biofuel converter. Add up the biofuel conversion value of all three crops in a biofuel converter to see how much biofuel you will get.

    Crop Seed price Biofuel conversion
    Number of cycles Total biofuel conversion
    (One plant, all cycles)
    Cabbage 2 spare parts 2 biofuel 3 6 biofuel
    Carrot 3 spare parts 3 biofuel 4 12 Biofuel
    Corn 5 spare parts 4 biofuel 5 20 Biofuel
    Onion 7 spare parts 5 biofuel 6 30 Biofuel
    Turnip 9 spare parts 6 biofuel 8 48 Biofuel
    Pinto beans 12 spare parts 7 biofuel 9 63 Biofuel
    Pumpkin 19 spare parts 8 Biofuel 10 80 Biofuel
    Red pepper 16 spare parts 9 Biofuel eleven 99 Biofuel
    Red onion 18 spare parts 10 biofuel eleven 110 Biofuel
    Oatmeal 24 spare parts 11 Biofuel 12 132 Biofuel
    yellow pepper 28 spare parts 12 Biofuel 14 168 Biofuel
    Artichoke 55 spare parts 13 Biofuel fifteen 195 Biofuel
    Sweet potato 50 spare parts 14 Biofuel fifteen 210 Biofuel
    Red grapes 70 spare parts 15 Biofuel sixteen 240 Biofuel
    kale 75 spare parts 18 Biofuel 18 324 Biofuel

    Best Crops for Spare Parts at Rusty’s Retirement

    While some crops in the game are best for biofuel, others are perfect for grinding spare parts. This list will show all the crops in the game that give the highest profits considering their initial cost. As you expand Rusty’s farm, you’ll stop growing the crops at the top of the list and start growing those closer to the bottom.

    Crop Seed price Spare parts delivered
    (per cycle)
    Number of cycles Total benefit
    (One plant, all cycles)
    Wheat 0 Spare Parts 3 spare parts 1 3 spare parts
    Leek 2 spare parts 4 spare parts 4 14 spare parts
    Celery 3 spare parts 5 spare parts 5 22 spare parts
    Lettuce 5 spare parts 5 spare parts 6 25 spare parts
    Cauliflower 7 spare parts 6 spare parts 7 35 spare parts
    Tomato 9 spare parts 8 spare parts 8 55 spare parts
    Pinto bean 12 spare parts 9 spare parts 9 69 spare parts
    Broccoli 16 spare parts 11 spare parts 10 94 spare parts
    Red pepper 16 spare parts 12 spare parts eleven 116 spare parts
    Red onion 18 spare parts 13 spare parts eleven 125 spare parts
    Garlic 27 spare parts 15 spare parts 13 168 spare parts
    Green pepper 35 spare parts 17 spare parts 14 203 spare parts
    Cucumber 35 spare parts 18 spare parts fifteen 235 spare parts
    black beans 45 spare parts 19 spare parts sixteen 259 spare parts
    Green grapes 60 spare parts 21 spare parts 17 297 spare parts
    kale 75 spare parts 24 spare parts 18 357 spare parts

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