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    A Universal Time (or AUT) is one of the most popular anime-inspired fighters on Roblox. For me, one of the main reasons it stays on top is thanks to the continuous addition of cool new JoJo-themed Stands to the game that players can collect by completing quests. Each new Stand comes with its own special moves and attacks, keeping the game fresh as you master each one. If you want to know how to make Nocturnus stand up in Roblox A Universal Time, just read my guide below.

    Nocturnus – How to Enter Roblox A Universal Time (AUT)

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    To get the Nocturnus stand you will need Complete a quest from the NPC named DIO. You can find DIO standing outside Joestar Manner (see image above). To get there quickly, simply leave the station it spawns at and run straight across the square to the big house on the opposite side. Once there, hold E to start a dialogue with DIO.

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    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    DIO has two chat options, so make sure you choose the second one, which says you want to get the Nocturnus stand. SIO will dismiss you with a single word, but if you search your quest list, you will now have Nocturnus Quest. To complete the quest, you must take 500 damage, deal 500 damage, and defeat DIO.. The DIO boss you need to defeat is inside Joestar Manor. He spawns there every 30 minutes or you can summon him on Boss Alar for 250k Ucoins. He has 500 Health.

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