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    Guide to Equity is a Genshin Impact Talent level-up material that can only be farmed in Fontaine. It’s part of the series of Talent materials that includes the Teachings of Equity and Philosophies of Equity, and is used by Lyney, Hydro Traveler, and possibly other Fontainian characters in the future. If you’re interested in farming for this material (and more), here’s where you can do so.

    Genshin Impact Pale Forgotten Glory farming schedule – Equity, Order, Justice

    You can farm for the Guide to Equity, as well as other Fontaine Talent level-up materials, in the Pale Forgotten Glory Domain. It’s an underwater Domain between the Salacia Plain and Elton Trench. You don’t have to solve a puzzle to make it appear—simply swim to the area and interact with the Domain to unlock it.

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    The Pale Forgotten Glory Domain drops the Teachings, Guide, and Philosophies of Equity, Order, and Justice. Like other Talent material Domains, the drops rotate every day, so you need to farm on specific days to get the items you need. Since you can choose which drops you want on Sundays, I recommend savings Fragile and Transient Resins to use on this day.

    To farm for Fontainian characters, check out our Genshin Impact Lyney farming guide and Genshin Impact Lynette farming guide here on MyFullGames.



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