How to get Fragments in Blox Fruits



    It’s vital you know how to get Fragments in Blox Fruits, as they are a valuable currency used for awakening your Devil Fruits and when purchasing items or weapons from vendors. 

    Blox Fruits is a popular Roblox game inspired by the popular One Piece anime and manga franchise. The game takes on an RPG formula, where you can freely explore and complete quests, defeat mobs, and collect loot in your own way. 

    Gathering Blox Fruits Fragments is a big part of the experience and key for players looking to become the most powerful, so keep reading for a rundown of the best ways to get them.

    How to get Fragments in Blox Fruits

    an image of a Ship Raid, a good way to get Fragments in Blox Fruits

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    Image via YouTube: Hans

    To get Fragments in Blox Fruits you will need to complete Fruit or Ship Raids, defeat specific enemies that drop them once they’ve been killed, or open chests.

    For the first and often quickest method, you can collect up to 1000 Fragments during a successful Raid, with a failed Raid still giving you 300. 

    It’s worth gathering a group of players for this process as Raids will go quicker in multiplayer than they will in solo, but you can still do it solo if you have no other choice. 

    The next way of getting Fragments in Blox Fruits is by killing certain enemies across the world, so whenever you see them, make sure to take them down. 

    an image of YouTube challenges in Blox Fruits

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    Below is a list of the enemies with confirmed Fragments drops, along with how much they drop:

    • Darkbeard – 1500 Fragments
    • A player with a YouTube title – 2500 Fragments
    • Dough King – 2000 Fragments
    • Cake Prince – 1000 Fragments
    • Sea Beast – 250 Fragments
    • Training Dummy – 200 Fragments
    • Elite Pirates – 100 Fragments
    • Horned Man boss – 300 Fragments

    Lastly, some chests across the game have a chance of awarding you Fragments, though this isn’t a consistent method for farming them, so we don’t recommend seeking them out. 

    That’s all for our coverage of how to get Fragments in Blox Fruits, and now you know the main ways to farm the resource.

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