How to get Fermented Juice in Genshin Impact



    Fermented Juice is a Genshin Impact cooking ingredient that’s mainly used as a marinade in Fontaine dishes. If you just arrived in the nation of justice, you might want to try your hand at cooking some of their local dishes, so I recommend to start stocking up on this ingredient.

    At the moment, you can only get it from one general supply store in the Court of Fontaine. Here’s where to find it.

    Where to buy Fermented Juice in Genshin Impact

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    You can purchase Fermented Juice from the general goods store run by Boucicaut, located northeast of the Court of Fontaine. It’s near the giant rotating globe-like structure at the center of the city but is opposite the rest of the shops. Its exact location is circled in the image above. While there is no marker in the World Map, a general goods icon will appear in the mini-map when you get close to the area.

    Speak to Boucicaut and select “Let me see your wares” to open up the shop menu. You can purchase Fermented Juice for 100 Mora each, and there is a purchase limit of 100 per day.

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    How to use Fermented Juice in Genshin Impact

    Fermented Juice can be used to make the following Recipes:

    • Tripes du Port
      • x3 Raw Meat
      • x3 Carrot
      • x2 Onion
      • x1 Fermented Juice
    • Vessie Chicken
      • x4 Fowl
      • x4 Raw Meat
      • x3 Marcotte
      • x2 Fermented Juice

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