How to get & equip weapon skins in Starfield


    Weapon skins are a way to customise your weapons in Starfield – but they’re not quite what they seem. While the game does feature weapon skins, you can’t actually find weapon skins on your travels.

    Instead, you can obtain weapon skins by purchasing certain editions of Starfield. If that’s a bit confusing, don’t worry. We’ll explain everything you need to know about weapon skins in Starfield below.

    Weapon skins in Starfield and how to get them

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    It’s not actually possible to unlock weapon skins in Starfield. You might have noticed that you have an option for weapon skins whenever you mod a gun at a weapon workbench. Unfortunately, this isn’t really an actual option for the vast majority of weapons in the game.

    As far as we know, weapon skins only exist for a small number of weapons in the game. These skins come with the Premium Edition of the game in the Constellation Skin pack.

    For example, there’s a skin for the Equinox which features different colours to the normal version of the gun. You can obtain this by purchasing the Premium Edition which gives you the Constellation Skin pack. This pack includes the Equinox skin and a Spacesuit skin.

    The only other weapon skin in the game at the moment is now unavailable for players. It’s for the Cutter, and you had to pre-order the game to get it. This and the Equinox skin are the only two skins we know of in Starfield.

    How to equip weapon skins in Starfield

    A weapon workbench in Starfield.

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    If you own any of the weapon skins in Starfield, you’ll probably want to equip them. If so, head to any weapon workbench and select either your Equinox or Cutter. You can easily find a workbench in the basement of the Lodge on New Atlantis.

    From there, scroll down the list of mods to the bottom to find an option for weapon skins. This should let you equip your weapon skins if you have access to them.

    That’s pretty much all you need to know about weapon skins in Starfield. We’re not sure if Bethesda has any plans to add more weapon skins to the game, but it would be strange to add the feature and only use it for two skins. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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