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    Artifacts, the unique items in the game, are not only collectible items, but also provide important advantages and benefits to your character. These upgrades can significantly improve your game, making it worth hunting for artifacts. To help you in this quest, here is a complete guide on how to acquire artifacts in AOT Revolution.

    How to get artifacts in AOT Revolution

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    To answer the burning question, artifacts are obtained by completing in-game achievements. After loading inside the lobby, click on the Eyelash either Options on your respective devices to open the main menu of the game. Press the Achievements icon at the top left of the menu to open the Achievements tab. Complete the following achievements to earn the associated in-game artifacts.

    • Safety glasses: Technique Mastery Achievement: Upgrade one of your legendary perks to level 10 and equip 4 legendary perks.
    • Handkerchief: Scout Domination Achievement: Kill 20,000 Titans.
    • To become night: Scout Bravery Achievement: Reach a streak of 10,000
    • Crown: Explorer Feat Achievement
      • Complete a mission without taking damage.
      • Complete a mission without reloading.
      • Complete a mission without landing on land.
      • Beat all modifiers on Aberrant.
    • Glasses: True Scout achievement
      • Save a teammate from dying
      • Get seven critical hits in a row
      • Use the last segment of your sword to kill the last titan.
    • onyx blade: Mortality Master Achievement: Die 500 times in the game.
    • onyx gear: Shock Absorber Achievement: Take 25,000 in-game damage
    • onyx sheath: Razor Edge Achievement: Achieve 10,000,000 total damage

    How to use artifacts in the AOT revolution

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    Once you have unlocked Artifacts in AOT Revolution, you can open the Equipment section and click on the Artifacts option. There will be two spaces and you can select two artifacts to use at any time.

    If you are not satisfied with the benefits of your gadgets, you can always look for better ones using Gold. Press the scroll icon below your current perks to spin and view news that matches your play and build style. My favorites are the Skill Reduction Cooldown and ODM gas benefitsallowing me to spam skills much faster while staying in the air for a long time.

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