How to get all minions in FFXIV patch 6.5


    If you want to add some new minions to your collection in FFXIV, the latest patch for the game brings a lot of new minions to acquire. the game.

    From mounts, to orchestral roles, to minions, there are tons of things in FFXIV. They all have different ways of obtaining them, with some being dropped from raids, some coming from quests and others requiring materials to exchange with NPCs.

    Here’s how you can get the latest minions in FFXIV Patch 6.5.

    All the new minions in FFXIV patch 6.5 and how to get them

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    These are all the minions coming with patch 6.5. Some of these may be released later in patch 6.51 or later down the line, and may even include additional minions that we don’t know about yet. As it stands, this is all we know so far:


    How to unlock

    Tourmaline Arms

    Level 15 PvP reward

    Cadonia Walk

    400 invalid addresses

    The vicariously vacationer

    4,000 Seafarers’ Cowries

    Wind up Oshun

    Thalia Alliance Raid

    Wind Up Golbees

    Lunar Underground

    Wind up Fourchenault

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    The Heidlin Idol

    Still uncertain

    The Zodric Idol

    Still uncertain

    As soon as we know how to unlock Hydaelyn Idol and Zodiark Idol, we’ll update this guide so you have the latest information you need to build a large minion collection in FFXIV.

    I know I’ll be spending a lot of time getting stuck into the new patches and trying to get my hands on all the new mounts and minions!

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