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    Since 1905, the australian open it was held at Melbourne Park in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; now, more than a century later, fans can attend the Grand Slam tournament from the comfort of their own home with the help of the Roblox Metaverse. Immerse yourself in all the excitement that tennis has to offer by exploring the AO Adventure experience, and even pick up a handful of free items along the way! Please continue reading below for more information.

    How to unlock all free items in AO Adventure

    The following list details all of the free items that have been available to obtain within AO Adventure. For more specific details about these items, continue reading beyond this list.

    Australian Koala Bear Backpack

    Once you have appeared in AO Adventure, find and head towards any of the wall practice tennis courts pictured below.

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    On each of these tennis courts there is a yellow circle with the word TAP floating above him. To start the Wall Practice minigame, step on any of these circles.

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    When the minigame starts, move your character with the directional keys and press space bar to hit the ball. After each hit, the ball will bounce off the wall in front of you and back into your range, marking its location with a red X.

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    After hitting the ball at least once, you will get the Aussie Koala Bear backpack.

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    AO crazy ball head

    To earn the AO Crazy Ball Head, simply play the Wall Practice minigame until you successfully bounce off the wall. 10 times. After your tenth bounce, you will unlock the item.

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    Emirates Mini A380

    The Emirates Mini A380 item is unlocked after completing a small in-game gift. To start this obby, head to the AO Baseball Stadium and find the location below.

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    Run, jump and carefully climb this obby to reach the top.

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    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Once there, simply hop on the Emirates Mini A380 for pickup.

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    Screenshot from MyFullGames

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    AO beach ball

    The AO Beachball is unlocked after winning 10 tennis matches against others playersunfortunately, playing against AI doesn’t not count towards this challenge. To find a match, walk to the main grand slam and look for any open court. Enter the yellow circle on the pitch to join their match queue.

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    Now, take everything you learned during the Wall Practice minigame and put it into practice! After successfully winning 10 matches, you will unlock the AO Beachball.

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    AO surfboard

    This item requires a bit of polishing to unlock, but nothing too crazy! To get it, you will need to reach level 10. Every time you play a round of Wall Practice or compete against players and AI, you will earn XP which will combine to raise your overall level. The better you do in each mini-game or match, the more XP you’ll earn, so get playing!

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    That’s it for our guide on how to unlock all the free items in AO Adventure! If/when more items are added to this experience, we will update this guide accordingly.

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