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    Any trophy hunter must be thinking about it. Exoprimal Trophy and Achievement List in-game. Exoprimal Capcom’s latest game sees players controlling various characters wearing Exosuits and managing hordes of dinosaurs.

    In order to get all the trophies the game, Players will need to explore all the game modes on offer – as well as try out every single Exosuit in the game. It certainly won’t be the easiest platinum in the world, but it’s definitely something to aim for if you can’t get enough of Dino Shooter.

    There are a total of 40 trophies if you’re on PlayStation, and 39 achievements in the Xbox edition, more than enough to sink your teeth into. Let’s take a look at how you can earn each of them..

    Every trophy and achievement in Exoprimal

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    Exorprimal Platinum Obtained all Exoprimal trophies.

    Welcome to Aibius

    bronze Complete the tutorial.

    Research facility

    bronze Dino returns for the first time from Survival.

    good news!

    bronze Checked out a Levitha report.

    Magnum’s investigation

    bronze Assisted in Magnum’s investigation.

    Meet Durban

    bronze Defeated a powerful neosaur.

    The Durban Trial

    bronze Survived a combat test in the underworld.

    The man in the machine

    bronze Survived a combat test in the underworld.

    Valuable research articles

    silver Defeated Durban.

    Unparalleled shooter

    bronze Defeated 1,000 dinosaurs with Deadeye.




    Wind ride. bronze Defeated 1,000 dinosaurs with Zephyr.

    Highly explosive

    bronze Defeat 1,000 dinosaurs with a barrage.

    Restoration of the battlefield

    bronze Defeated 1,000 dinosaurs with Vigilante.

    dead end

    bronze A total of 10,000 were damaged along with the roadblock.

    Mission complete

    bronze Blocked a total of 10,000 damage with Krieger.

    Mechanical Bushido

    bronze Blocked a total of 10,000 damage with Murasame.

    Healing methods

    bronze Repaired 10,000 total health with Witchdoctor.

    Ruler of the heavens

    bronze Repaired 10,000 total health with Skyview.

    Dangerous skater

    bronze Repaired 10,000 total health with Nimbus.

    Spear blocker

    bronze Stopped a Triceratops charge with a roadblock.




    Carnivores no more bronze Defeated the Carnotaurus.

    Shield Slayer

    bronze Defeated a Triceratops.

    A new tyrant

    silver Defeated the T-Rex.

    Ancient problems, modern solutions

    to sleep Defeated a large number of dinosaurs.
    By Leviathan.

    The Cretaceous Eradicator

    to sleep Killed 100,000 dinosaurs in total.

    Dinosaur Handler

    bronze First time using Dominator.

    Increased risk levels

    bronze Tried the dinosaur upgrade for the first time.

    A sample of the suit

    bronze Tried ten different exosuits.

    The Shapeshifter

    silver Emerge victorious using five different exosuits.
    In dino survival.

    No Exosuit? No problem

    bronze Killed 20 dinosaurs as a pilot in a.
    a match.




    Exosuit developer silver Customized Choks, Marasam and Nimbus
    exosuits in the hangar.

    Weapons developer

    silver Unlock the three veins.

    Decisions, decisions

    silver Equipped with a module for the first time.

    Exosuit researcher

    to sleep 50 modules collected.

    A small step

    bronze Level up your suit for the first time.

    Ace Pilot

    to sleep Suit level reached ten with ten exosuits.

    Honor of the Exofighter

    bronze Awarded for the first time.

    Fashionable, yet deadly

    bronze Tried ten different exosuits.

    Escape route

    bronze Checked lost data for the first time.

    Whatever they won’t see coming.

    to sleep Escape from Bikitoa.

    You need to know about the different trophies and achievements you can earn. Exorpimal. Some trophies will be very easy to get, as you’ll automatically tick them off as you progress, while others will require a bit more dedication to unlock.

    If you’re enjoying Exoprimal, read some of our other guides. For everyone else, keep reading GGRecon.


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