How to Fix Starfield Companions Doing Nothing to Help in Combat



    When you have a companion in Starfield, you likely expect them to be ready to aid you in battle at a moment’s notice. Your companion not springing into action can be quite distressing, especially when they’re essentially watching you get destroyed by enemies. How can you fix this? Turns out, there’s an easy and quick solution!

    Why is my Companion not fighting in Starfield?

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    While it can be very confusing and frustrating to have your companion not aid you in battles, don’t panic! Reasoning for your companion acting up is likely simple. There are a few reasons why your companion may not be helping you in combat:

    • They don’t have a weapon on them
    • Your companion is missing ammo
    • Their ammo and weapon are not compatible
    • The game is having bugs or other issues

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    How to fix Starfield Companions Not Helping in Combat

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    In order to fix your companion’s problems with their storage relating to weapons and ammo, you’ll need to go up to them to talk. When you do that, choose the Let’s Trade Gear dialogue option. From there, you can enter their inventory and see what they are using. Make sure the ammo and weapons match each other. If they don’t have a weapon, make sure to give them one with at least one round of ammo (they only need one round to make an infinite supply).

    If sorting out your companion’s inventory doesn’t resolve them not helping in combat, it may be a bug of some type. At this point, you should try restarting your game or loading from the latest save before battle.

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