How to Fix Robot in Wuthering Waves – No Answer Tonight & Shooting Challenge Missions Guide


    In the Wuthering Waves No Response Tonight subquest, you must collect parts to repair a robot, which also involves completing a subquest called Shooting Challenge. Below you will find a complete tutorial on how to unlock the missions and obtain all the necessary robot parts.

    To complete the objectives below, you need to have a gun wielding resonator at your party. You can use the free Resonator for beginners, Chixia.

    How to Unlock the No Response Tonight Hidden Mission in Wuthering Waves

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    Head to the area marked above next to the Resonance Beacon north of Violet Banyan in the Dim Forest region. There will be no blue exclamation point to indicate the presence of a quest. Once there, you will find a campsite with brilliant research place. Interact with it to initiate dialogue with the radio, which will, in turn, initiate the side quest No Answer Tonight.

    Repair the robot in Wuthering Waves

    The main objective of No Response Tonight Side Quest is to repair the robot by finding three missing parts in any order: the spare parts, the power supply, and the motor.

    Find the spare parts

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    When starting the mission, you can follow the navigator or head directly to the marked area northeast of Settle Range. Once you get there, dig in the bright spot to make enemies appear. Defeat the enemies and then interact with the bright spot to dig a second time so you can get the spare parts, completing this part of the objective.

    Find the power supply package

    Follow the navigator or head directly to the area west of Settle Range (circled above), where you’ll find an enemy camp. Defeat all the enemies to activate a blue dot that will glow next to the boxes. Interact with the bright spot. to get the power supply package. Once this is done, do not leave the area; you still have to get the engine.

    Find the Engine (Shooting Group Side Mission)

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    You will find a desk with a glowing spot along the boxes where you got the power supply. Interact with it to read the Strange Flyer, which will trigger the start of another side quest called Shooting Party. You must complete Shooting Party Quest to get the final robot part.

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    Follow the navigator to the shooting party’s location, then sit in the chair for the exiles to arrive. Talk to the exile leader and pay him 500 Shell Credits, then interact with the mechanism to start the shooting challenge.

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    As you begin the challenge, switch to your pistol wielder, Hold down the basic attack button. to aim at the floating targets, then release to shoot. Your goal is to achieve all the objectives within the time limit. If you fail, you can try again.

    After finishing the challenge, talk to the exile leader and pay Shell Credits, then interact with the mechanism to start another round. you need to do three challenges in total, but you only need to complete the first two. The game intends for you lose the third challenge.

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    Upon losing the third challenge, talk to the leader of the exiles to start a battle against all the exiles. Defeat them to complete the Shooting Challenge side quest and gain access to the Premium Supply Chest in the camp, which you must open to get the motor. Return all three parts to the robot to complete the Unanswered side quest tonight and get another Premium Supply Chest as a reward.

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