How to fix MW3 daily challenges not working on PS5 error


    Daily challenges are part of my routine and are vital to leveling up quickly in MW3. However, many players on the Internet have joined the protest, reporting that daily challenges are not working for them, so let’s explore possible solutions.

    How to resolve Daily Challenges not working error in MW3 on PS5

    The daily challenges not working for some players in Modern Warfare 3 seem to be related to server overload and because of that, unfortunately, there are There’s not much players can do. on your part to resolve it. We are currently tracking the developers on their @SHGames Twitter page as well as his @CODUpdates Outlet for any solutions to this issue and will update this page as soon as a solution comes out.

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    Players in several regions have been affected by this issue, while others appear to be unaffected. Whether or not you will experience the same issue will likely depend on the region you are in and whether local servers have been affected. There are still a few things you can try if you suspect you’ve encountered this error:

    • Restart the MW3 application: Sometimes a simple restart of the game will resolve strange errors like this. Occasionally, a game that was recently released won’t run optimally, at least until the developers patch it, causing issues like this.
      Restart your device and router: This may seem like a long shot, but restarting the device you are playing on will allow you to resolve any issues related to the game not communicating properly with the server. Restarting your router also resets the memory storage, eliminating any possible errors in server communication.

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