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    A strange bug is plaguing the world of Wuthering Waves (WuWa). The most recent hotfix patch 5.27 appears to have broken the game’s music; Many players report issues with game sound dropping out. Continue reading for some solutions.

    Wuthering Waves without musical arrangements

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    First things first: the missing music and sound error in Wuthering Waves is completely in the game side and not your end, so don’t tear your hair out trying to fix it forever. Developer Kuro Games can be expected to be aware of and aware of the issue (as well as all the others, such as lag and stuttering). working on a solution for the next patch of the game.

    The source of the error comes from the game. Transport system, and music or sound often cuts out entirely when players attempt to teleport using a Resonance Beacon or a Nexus. Besides, Alternative Tab to a different application or window on your computer also triggers the problem.

    However, there are a couple of tricks You can try to fix the missing music error while we wait for a more permanent solution:

    1. Just try leaving your account and return to log in the game.
    2. Attempt restarting the game completely.
    3. You must make sure that you are collecting all the rewards after defeating a world boss, as the bug sometimes also appears when you don’t collect your rewards and then teleport to another location after the fight is over.
    4. Just to be safe, try disconnecting and reconnecting your audio device. Like I said, it’s pretty unlikely to be a problem on your end, but you never know.
    5. Avoid using Alt-Tabbing in the first place.

    If you still can’t hear any dialogue or audio while in combat, you should try turn down the music volume to zero and see if you can hear them again. This is because the in-game music can sometimes take over the rest of the in-game audio.

    To do this, open the game. Settings menu by clicking on the gear icon in the lower right corner of the Pause screen. So, the first menu that should open is the game menu. Sound settings. Here, simply hover over the Music Volume slider and drag it to the left to lower the music volume.

    All in all, don’t worry: you’re not the only one experiencing a sudden loss of music and sound in Wuthering Waves. There is probably already a solution on the way, and there are many, if not uncomfortable, workarounds you can try.

    Wondering what the status of the other Wuthering Waves issues are? Then be sure to check out Wuthering Waves developers’ promise to fix poor localization and performance – information on future patches, known bugs, and other improvements in Pro Gaming Guides.

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