How to Find and Join Counter Strike 2 Community Servers


    Counter-Strike 2’s biggest draw is its multiplayer, but it feels so alive thanks to the community and content that players bring to the game. My favorite part is the community maps and community servers as they offer so many different ways to play. You may be wondering how to find and play on community servers in Counter-Strike 2.

    How to join community servers in Counter-Strike 2 – CS2 Community Servers

    Joining a community server in Counter-Strike 2 is a simple process. Community servers are a vital part of the Counter-Strike community, allowing players to enjoy game modes other than those in rotation. With community servers, you have more freedom than with regular matchmaking. Here’s how to play community servers in Counter-Strike 2.

    At the time of writing, community servers are unavailable.

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    • Click Play.
    • Select the globe icon.
    • Select the search box in the new window.
    • Write Counter-Strike 2.
    • Select the server you want.
    • Click Connect.
      • You can mark community servers as favorites by right-clicking on them.
      • Select Add server to favorites.
      • You can access these servers by going to the Favorites tab.

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    Where to find community servers in Counter-Strike 2

    The best place to find specific community servers will be Reddit once Valve releases the ability to create them. While the game’s server feature will show you a list of community servers, you won’t get much information from them.

    You can communicate with other Counter-Strike 2 players via CS:GO and CS2 Reddits. Here you can find other players with similar interests to yours and find the perfect community server. Once you find a good server that you enjoy playing on, be sure to bookmark it so it’s easier to find later.

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