How to farm essence quickly in MW3 Zombies


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    In MW3 Zombies, you always need Essence in large quantities to purchase and earn the best rewards. Here’s a quick and efficient way to farm it, without having to search for quests in the Exclusion Zone.

    How to get Essence quickly in MW3 Zombies

    Normally, you would obtain Essence (in large quantities) by completing Missions and Contracts while running around the open world. While this method is effective, you risk dying frequently and losing your equipment by doing so. You’ll also be forced to constantly wander around the map, whether on foot or on wheels. These things can be tedious to do if your goal is to farm Essence specifically.

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    A much easier (certainly less exciting) method is exfil farm calls. For those who don’t know, when you call it exfiltration helicopter, a large number of weak zombies will continuously appear in the entire area. These zombies are slow and can be easily killed with almost any decent automatic weapon. Killing zombies also grants you Essence, so while each of them rewards in small doses, together, you will get a lot of things very quickly. Before doing this, however, I recommend looting some decent gear or bringing it along, all to make the process a little easier.

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    When an Exfil comes to an end, Don’t get on the helicopter. Instead, stay until the chaos concludes and wait a minute or so to call. another exfil. Exfils have a really short cooldown (shown as a grayed out version of the Exfil icon on all maps), allowing you to abuse the guaranteed zombie spawn with ease. Since zombies also drop ammo frequently, you won’t have to worry about that either if you place your shots well.

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