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    Baldur’s Gate 3 has a lot of locations where light is absolutely essential. Act 2, as a matter of fact, takes place almost entirely in darkness; the Shadow-Cursed Lands are some of the scariest in Faerun. In order to survive and see where you are going, you’ll need a source of light like a spell, a Moonlantern, or a torch.

    Baldur’s Gate 3 PS5 – How to Equip a Torch and a single-handed weapon

    Torches can be found all over the place in all Acts of Baldur’s Gate 3. Since they never lose durability, you can hang onto the same one throughout your playthrough, but they can be weirdly difficult to figure out how to use. Here’s a breakdown of how to equip torches on every platform that BG3 is currently available for.

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    PlayStation 5

    Open the inventory menu to interact with the action wheels. Press the Square button to open the Radial Customization menu. Select “Set Slot” if the slot is empty or “Swap Slot” if the slot on the menu already has something in it. Scroll down in the menu that opens until you find the torch, then press X. Next, use the radial menu to select the torch, and the character you are currently in control of will pull out a torch. If you are duel-wielding or hold a one-handed weapon, you should keep the weapon in your other hand while holding the torch.

    PC and MacOS

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    If a torch is in your inventory, it should automatically be slotted into your light equipment box on the character that holds it. There is a small button in the actions window that allows you to toggle between your weapons and your light source. You can also click and drag the torch or lantern into the light source slot.

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