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    Those statues killed me several times until I could figure out how they work and where to go. Here’s how to defeat the spider statues in Artois Manor in Kill It With Fire 2, along with floor maps so you don’t get lost!

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    There are a lot of fun challenges you can complete in the game, but I definitely enjoyed the Spider Statue challenges the most. There is three in total, one on each floor of the Artois Manor map. If you want to fill your clipboard, check out how to complete the Marble Monsters objective in Kill It With Fire 2.

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    To complete this challenge, you must keep looking in the statue. You can look away for a brief second, but if you take too long, the statue will kill you. This is essentially a game of red light and green light. I get turned around under normal circumstances, much less when being chased by a murderous statue. That’s why I’m adding a map here so that you and I don’t get lost in the future.

    How to defeat the spider statue in the hallway

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    The first one you will find is the spider statue in the hallway and the Hide and seek challenge. once you interact with the statue (1), you will have to slowly walk backwards and blow three skull candles. First he would go for the left end (2), then he would come back and pick up the other two.

    Don’t worry, the statue won’t corner you in a hallway, you can still go through it. Keep looking at him and keep your distance, just in case.

    How to defeat the basement spider statue

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    There will be many dead ends in the basement and you will have to go back a lot. I would first collect the three skull candles on the left, before returning to the one near the basement stairs. Just follow the map and you’ll be fine. Don’t take too much time, however, or you’ll run out and have to do it all over again. Keep a steady pace as you go.

    How to defeat the attic spider statue

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    Despite having the largest number of candles To put in the attic, for me this was the easiest. There are not many corners, the the space is open so you don’t get stuck and the candles are close to each other. Once you complete this challenge, you will also complete the Manor Monsters objective. One step closer to complete completion!

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