How to defeat Nerthus and recruit Mellore in Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes


    You need to defeat a scary monster to make a cute Magical Girl join your team. This guide will show you how to defeat Nerthus and recruit Mellore in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

    Eiyuden Chronicle Mellore Recruitment Guide

    After Nowa finishes his first job in the game, Ymir assigns him to recruit more people for the squad. The first recruitable person is already in Eltisweiss, your starting city. She is Mellore, a little Magical Girl. After you tell her where Redthroat Ridge is, you decide to follow her and help her.

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    Before you leave Eltisweiss, equip your characters well. Make sure you have many healing herbs because you will need them in the fight with Nerthus. Exit Eltisweiss and head down the road east, and you’ll arrive at Redthroat Ridge.

    How to defeat Nerthus in Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes

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    You’ll meet Mellore at the beginning of Redthroat Ridge, and the two of you agree to work together. Just head out to the north, and eventually, you’ll find Nerthus. This monster looks like a giant mole, and it digs in the sand, appearing randomly on either the left or right side of the battlefield.

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    Mellore has special weapons against Nerthus, two grimoires that cast a magic hammer once activated. You can activate a grimoire by using your Gimmick with any character. The tricky part is you have to guess which side Nerthus will appear, which is completely randomized.

    You need to pick one character to interact with grimoires, and the rest should defend and heal. This is the moment all those Healing Herbs come to use, in case the chance isn’t on your side. If you have enough healing items, you shouldn’t worry about this battle. After you eventually defeat Nerthus, Mellore will join your ranks.

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