How to defeat Grym in Baldur’s Gate 3


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    Before you can make use of the Duergar’s Adamantine Forge at Grymforge, you first must deal with the guardian boss that defends it, Grym. After all, if you want to make use of it to craft one of the best heavy armor pieces in the game, you must first crush the metal monstrosity first and foremost. If you’re here after taking one glance at Grym’s massive health pool, know that you don’t need to be intimidated. Grym looks tough, but he is actually one of the easier boss fights in the game if you take advantage of his weaknesses. Here’s how to defeat the guardian of the Great Forge.

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    BG3 – Grym Boss Strategy Guide

    As a boss, Grym has the largest health pool I’ve seen yet in the game. At a staggering 450 health on Tactician mode, it is next to impossible to bring the guardian down through traditional means. Before we talk about tactics, I need to explain two core mechanics:

    • Threat Assessment: Prime Target – When Grym is struck by an attack, he will perform a Threat Assessment and assign a Prime Target. That last member of your party that hit him will gain Prime Target. Prime Target means that he will fixate on that target, ignoring all others while it is active.
    • Superheated: – When Grym is within lava, he will gain the Superheated debuff for a few turns. When he has this debuff, his total immunity to damage is removed. He is still highly resistant, however.

    As the fight takes place around the center of the Adamainte Forge, you’ll need to use its extreme bludgeoning power to bring Grym’s health to zero. However, before you can do that, you need to remove his immunity to damage. First, you’ll need to release lava onto the battlefield by spinning the Lava Valve wheel on the right side of the forge. This is the same location where Grym emerged when you spun it the first time:

    Doing it the second time will cause lava to spew out and fill sections of the encounter. The lava is a deadly hazard, but you need the stuff to apply Superheated to Grym. As mentioned, anytime Grym is within lava, he will gain this debuff. Once Grym has Superheated, you need to drag him into the lava by abusing Threat Assessment: Prime Target. Grym will follow any party member that has Prime Target, so you want to have a ranged member of your team hit Grym so that they have this debuff.

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    On average, Grym will move slightly less than half the distance from one side of the battlefield to the other on his turn. You want to position the member of your party with Prime Target so that Grym moves through the lava and as close as possible to the center of the forge. If Grym is near the center and has Superheated, all you need to do now is drop the hammer using the Forge Lever located on one of the platforms:

    Position a party member here and pull the lever once Grym is at the center. He’ll take massive damage and be knocked Prone for two turns, becoming immune to all damage once again. During these two turns, a few adds (Additional enemies) will spawn from the lava. These are really weak and can be taken down in a single turn by a strong ranged damage dealer. Grym might also stand up early during this phase. If this happens, simply rinse and repeat the process of applying Prime Target and dragging him into position. It should only take three or four strikes with the forge hammer to bring this metal monstrosity down for good. Your reward? Free reign to utilize the Adamantine Forge as you see fit.

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