How to cut Seagrass in Genshin Impact



    Fontemer Seagrass is an underwater obstacle you’ll often find under Fontaine’s sea. Not to be mistaken for the Seagrass cooking ingredient, Fontemer Seagrasses will usually tangle together and trap objects inside them—including coveted Chests. These need to be cut using a special skill at their weak points, or they’ll never disappear.

    Before starting, make sure you’re familiar with Fontaine’s underwater diving controls, especially with how to absorb abilities from marine creatures.

    How to cut underwater Seagrass in Fontaine – Genshin Impact

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    Before attempting to cut Seagrass, you first need to absorb a Xenochromatic Hunter Ray’s ability. It’s the marine creature that looks like a stingray with a blue icon on its head, pictured above. Don’t worry as there will usually be one floating around Seagrass, so you don’t have to search for one.

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    Image by MyFullGames

    In every strand of Fontemer Seagrass, there will be one spot with a glowing green orb. It marks the weakest point of the Seagrass, which is also the only point you can cut. The green orb will sometimes float around to make the challenge a little harder. I find it really tricky to aim at moving orbs!

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    Assuming that you’ve already absorbed the Xenochromatic Hunter Ray’s ability, press and hold the Elemental Skill button to target the green orb. Then release to likewise release the skill and cut the Seagrass. If the skill doesn’t hit the green orb, the Seagrass will not cut. It’s usually the case when the green orb is moving around, so you just have to try again until you get it right.

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