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    If you’re tired of playing alone in Anime Defenders, consider the excitement of creating or joining guilds. To help you understand the ins and outs of the guild system, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to know about guilds in Anime Defenders.

    How to create guilds in Anime Defenders

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    Creating guilds in Anime Defenders is a simple process. Click on the Guild option at the top left of the menu to open the Guild option. You will find three options: Create Guild, Join Guild, and the Leaderboards option. Select the Create Guild option and pay 25,000 gold to create one. For gold, I recommend purchasing the gold coin from the in-game store as it will take a long time to get the required gold, so be prepared to spend some money.

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    Pay the money to start the guild. Now, give your guild a suitable name and invite your friends or other strangers to join your guild.

    How to join guilds in Anime Defenders

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    If you don’t like running a guild, you can always join one. The best way to find some great guilds is to browse Guildhall subchannel on the official Anime Defenders Discord channel. Here you will find various guild owners advertising their existing guilds and inviting new players. If it meets their requirements and expectations, send them a text message and express your interest.

    The best guilds in anime defenders

    Below I have listed some great guilds in Anime Defenders. You can apply to these guilds from the same Guild-Hall section of the channel. Simply search for these clans using Discord’s search option.

    • RIPAA – North America
    • Red eyes – North America
    • Pathfinders – North America
    • Gotei Guild – Europe
    • Asgard reborn – Europe
    • Mars Guild – Europe
    • Nity Clan – Asia
    • osuku – Asia

    Advantages and benefits of the anime defenders guild

    Being part of a guild is not only a status in Anime Defenders, but it also offers many advantages.

    • Guild Rewards– Play as a team and earn XP points, which will, in turn, unlock exclusive guild rewards such as gems, units, and in-game materials.
    • Guild Leaderboards: Compete among your guild members for the title of the best player in your clan. Participate in infinite and regular challenges and game modes to earn victory points and reach the top of the leaderboard.
    • Pool Gems: Being part of the Guild allows players to collect gems and contribute to their Vault, which will then be given as Guild Rewards, helping beginner players earn a lot of coins.

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