How to continue the main story after getting water in Sand Land


    Sand Land has a fantastic story that revolves around getting water for the entire region, and when you finally do it, it may seem like the game is over, but the story continues. In this guide, we will teach you how to continue the main story after getting water in Sand Land.

    How to continue the main quest line after the Water to the World quest in Sand Land

    When you Complete the Water for the World mission. and deliver water for the entire Land of Sand, the Main missions will no longer be available., and you will be assigned a side quest or reward. To continue the story, you have to do two things:

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    • After that, you have to head to Demon Village, where there will be another cutscene, and Beelzebub will go to meet his father, who will praise him and increase the game time to an hour and a half. The scene will then end with Rao returning and carrying with him a bunch of goods that you and Thief, along with Rao, will deliver to the Pichis.

    Before making these deliveries, Rao will ask that you make a stop in Spino, where you can talk to the people of the city, complete side quests, and upgrade your vehicles to prepare for the challenges that await you. After that, the story will progress after you deliver to the Pichis, at which point you can continue with your quests to complete the game.

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