How to complete Stitch’s level four friendship quest in Dreamlight Valley


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    The last thing Stitch, Disney Dreamlight Valley’s master of mayhem, is likely to need is coffee. But he insists, and for whatever reason, you’ll help him out with few quibbles as you complete his level four friendship quest. Maybe it’s to have access to the coffee yourself? Either way, here’s how to complete Very Sleepy Stitch, your level four friendship quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

    How to complete Very Sleepy Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    To start this quest, you will need to have completed the first quest in the Stitch Friendship quest line, as well as have raised Stitch’s friendship level up to level four. You must also have invited Wall-E to your village and built his garden. The hidden requirement begin this search is to find a Cup of coffee behind Wall-E’s garden, scattered on the ground with other piles of dirt and vegetables.

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    Pick up the coffee mug and bring it to Wall-E. It will identify Stitch as the upper-messer-garden. She sees and talks to Stitch, who, of course, denies any wrongdoing. He was looking for something to make coffee and tried to use garden soil. Tell him all about the wonder of coffee beans, and he’ll conveniently pull out a dried coffee sprout which he kept in his spaceship when he fled from Oblivion. He takes the sapling to Wall-E. He will take care of the plant while you gather some supplies to plant the tree. You will have to gather:

    • 25 pebbles (best found by digging stunning beach)
    • 25 Clay (best found by extracting bones from the sunlit plateau)
    • A sack (made with 15 fiber and 5 earth)

    Once you’ve gathered everything in your inventory, go and talk to Wall-E again. It will return the plant to you, which you can use to craft the coffee sprout from the Functional Items tab of your crafting menu. Take Wall-E’s suggestion, dig a hole in the clear trust, plant the Coffee Plantation and water it. We had to water it four times and it took 15-20 minutes to grow.

    Harvest the small bush that grows, then bring the coffee beans to Stitch. He wants help making his first cup of coffee, so take the beans to Remy. You can ask him for two more recipes before asking for a recipe for Stitch. He will instruct you to keep it simple and throw some coffee beans into any pot and use a coal ore to brew a cup of Coffee. Give the coffee to Stitch to complete this mission.

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