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    Time is of the essence in the ongoing Classic event on Roblox, and completing quests is the most efficient way to earn tokens and tickets. While some missions are easy, others require a bit of strategy. That’s where our guide comes into play. We have compiled a complete list of all Classic missions, leaving no stone unturned. We’ve also included tips and tricks to help you complete them quickly and efficiently.

    Roblox Classic Games Missions

    Below I list the 15 missions from the classic event experience. After finishing each mission, the player will receive a Token or a Tix, valuable rewards that can be used to redeem interesting gifts from the Classic Hub. Get ready to embark on these missions and reap the rewards!

    Bloxxer Secret Quest

    First of all, equip the Bloxxer T-shirt on your character’s avatar. Next, go to the Roblox headquarters building, which is blue and the tallest building on the map. Head to the bottom floor and enter the room with the VIP sign to get a Roblox token.

    Search for buried treasure

    The Buried Treasure is the most challenging mission in the entire Roblox Classic experience. It’s about finding nine books spread across the map. Since this is a challenge, we have created a guide dedicated to the mission. Use it to know all locations quickly and without worries.

    Capture the Flag

    Capture the flag is another easy mission on the list. Take the red flag near the giant rocket on the white planet to the Castle and replace it with the blue flag from there. Repeat this process three times to finish this mission and earn 1 Roblox Token.

    Character Door Search

    The character door quest is another easy quest on the list. Jump onto the race track and start walking backwards. Here you will find a series of secret doors that will open by naming the character on the door. Here is the list of the door characters. Be sure to write in the order listed.

    • builder
    • shedletsky
    • clockwork
    • telamon
    • 1x1x1x1

    Once all the doors are open, you will be able to get a token at the end.

    Secret Cloud Search

    This one is complicated but simple. Stand on the red flower near the starting point of the race track and jump. You will fall through the clouds and reach a secret platform between the clouds. Collect the Robux token on the platform to finish the mission.

    Map Checkpoint Portals

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    To finish the map checkpoint portals, you must activate six portals on the map. Below is the list of all Portal locations in the experience.

    1. Near the Obby of Doom and the Obby of Glory
    2. Behind the giant pirate ship on the west side of the map.
    3. Right next to the Roblox headquarters building on the south side of the map.
    4. Inside the yellow house near the trampoline on the west side of the map.
    5. Near the pillar at the Castle POI, right next to the yellow house landmark
    6. Inside the Volcano. Jump into the lava from the top of the volcano to find a secret room inside.

    After activating all six portals, you will gain 3 entries to finish the mission.

    secret mirror quest

    This is another mission on this list that needs to be clarified. First, go to the shop/restaurant building on the west side of the map. Enter the building and you will find a mirror in front of you. Type Mirror Mirror in the server chat channel to open a secret area. Here, use the ladder on the left to find Tix inside the music room. Collect it to win 3 entries inside the game.

    Obby’s Quest for Glory

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    The Obby of Glory is the easiest mission in the event. Go to the Obby of Glory area on the left side of the map to start the mission. Use the jump and arrow keys to navigate the courses and reach the end correctly. As you move, make sure not to touch the red ring and keep moving forward with your momentum. It’s simple and you will get 3 Tix for completing the course.

    Obby’s Doom Mission

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    Another easy event quest is Obby of Doom. This Obby is located on the left side of the map, right next to the Obby of Glory. As in the previous Obby, use the jump and arrow keys to emerge victorious from the event.

    Ride a Chariot Mission

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    For this mission, you need a friend. Go to the left side of the map to find the cart. Sit in the cart while your friend stands on the purple button behind the cart. Immediately, your cart will start moving; Use the arrow keys to move across the rails and reach the end. Remember, do not increase speed while in the cart; Otherwise, there is a high probability that you will fall.

    Roblox Racing Search

    To complete this, jump across the hole near the checkered flag to reach the racecourse. Get on any cart and go around the circuit three times to finish the race. Once this is done, you will earn 3 Tix for completing the mission.

    rocket rocket mission

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    This one is very easy! Purchase the rocket launcher from the event center items to 6 entries. Use the rocket launcher to shoot the rocket parked on the east side of the white planet map. You will earn a token to finish the mission.

    Search for thirst quenchers

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    This is the easiest of all. Go to the vending machine near your spawn location. Click on any drink on the menu and purchase it using Roblox Token.

    Best Dodgeballer Mission

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    This one is simple. Purchase the Superball from the Event Center items for 12 Tix and use it to hit six random players on the server to finish the mission.

    Secret Wardrobe Search

    Stand on top of the yellow building, as shown in the image. Here, type Rainbow in the server chat to generate a secret path. Walk along the path to reach the other side. Cut through the first disk on the left side to find a hidden room underneath. Pick up the token at the bottom to finish the mission.

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