How to build Maximus in Fallout 4


    The Brotherhood of Steel initiate turned Squire turned Power Armor user is one of the three main protagonists in the Fallout TV show. Here’s how to build Maximus in Fallout 4.

    Fallout 4 Maximus Build Guide

    Fallout 4 is a good choice for building Maximus because, unlike other franchise entries, the game gives you the Power Armor right off the bat. Maximus had a stricter upbringing than Lucy, but he was still relatively sheltered compared to Ghoul. His skill set is also relatively simplistic and revolves around weapon usage and survival skills.

    Best Weapon for Maximus build in Fallout 4

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    Maximus is an unarmed Power Armor fighter, but sometimes he uses his 10mm gun. However, his weapon is a 10mm version you don’t see much in recent Fallout games. Instead of the magazine, Maximus’ gun has a rolling barrel, which makes it an older variant of the Colt 6520. Fallout 4 doesn’t have this gun, but you can use the Colt 6520 mod to bring it into the game.

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    Best Stats for Maximus build in Fallout 4

    Thanks to his military upbringing, Maximus is a very strong and durable character. He’s also moderately tech-savvy and knows his way around most devices. Due to his sharpshooting skills, he has above-average Perception, but his idealistic nature brings down his Charisma and Luck. Overall, his SPECIAL stats should look like this:

    SPECIAL Stat Points
    Strength 6
    Perception 4
    Endurance 5
    Charisma 3
    Intelligence 4
    Agility 3
    luck 3

    Best Perks for Maximus build in Fallout 4

    Maximus’ military background made him tough and durable, so much so that he could survive a direct Power Armor punch or endure a group beating without any serious harm. Therefore, for his build, increase his Toughness Perk on Rank 2.

    While he was a Squire, he carried a very heavy and cumbersome pack almost without a hitch, which implies there’s a Rank 2 Strong Back Perk.

    Although he’s not particularly good with Power Armor, Maximus is a great shot, which implies his Rank 2 in Gunslinger Perk.

    Ace for Rank 1 Perks, put a point into Iron Fist (STR 1), Rifleman (PER 2), Lady Killer (CHR 2), Gun Nut (INT 3), Commando (AGI 2), and Fortune Finder (LCK 1).

    Strength Strong Back (STR 6) – Maximus can carry a big weight without breaking a sweat.
    Perception Rifleman (PER 2) – Increased damage with non-automatic weapons is a useful thing for Max
    Endurance Toughness (END 1) – Maximus gets beaten regularly and he just gets up and goes on with his life
    Charisma Lady Killer (CHR 2) – Max uses his righteous demeanor to convince wasteland ladies or to damage them more
    Intelligence Gun Nut (INT 3) – Access to Gun Mods gives Maximus the edge over foes
    Agility Gunslinger (AGI 1), Commando (AGI 2) – Maximus deals more damage with non-automatic weapons, much like Wild West gunmen
    luck Fortune Finder (LCK 1) – Luck is a drop stat for Maximus, but this perk allows him to find Hidden Wealth

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