How to build Lucy MacLean in Fallout 4


    Creating a video game version of Lucy from the Fallout series is not easy, as you must first create a character that looks like her. The next step is to build Lucy MacLean in Fallout 4 using SPECIAL stats, perks, and weapons.

    Lucy MacLean’s Best Build in Fallout 4

    While everyone talks about Lucy MacLean’s official SPECIAL stats in Fallout Shelter, they are from a different game where you start with 40 stat points. In Fallout 4, you only have 21 points to spend on starting stats (28 total, since you can’t go below 1 per stat). When we start a new game, we will spend the available points on stats and go from there.

    Screenshot via Youtube

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    Lucy from the Fallout series is a very capable character, focused on technology and with great charisma and intelligence. She was the only one able to survive outside of Vault 33, which says a lot about her character. While she probably felt like a fish out of water in the wasteland, she survived and even found friends to help her. While I chose to start with less luck, this can be improved (as well as all other stats) during the game. So, just as Lucy’s luck changed in the series, you will also be able to improve it over time.

    SPECIAL Statistic Points
    Strength 2
    Perception 3
    Endurance 4
    Charisma 5
    Intelligence 7
    Agility 4
    Luck 3

    Best Perks for a Lucy Build in Fallout 4

    During your adventures as Lucy, you’ll be able to upgrade your SPECIAL stats and choose perks from each stat group. Below are my perk suggestions based on Lucy’s abilities shown in Amazon Prime’s Fallout.

    SPECIAL Statistic SPECIAL Benefit
    Strength Good aim – Lucy is better with a gun, so unlocking this perk will improve her accuracy when firing from the hip.
    Perception Awareness – Although she had no experience in life outside the vault, Lucy showed a high level of awareness (she noticed something was wrong with her new husband).
    Endurance Tenacity -She was injured but she kept fighting! She is a tough vault dweller.
    Charisma inspiring – Lucy has the power to change not only her teammates but also the world!
    Intelligence Doctor, Hacker, Science, Robotics expert – Lucy was prepared for her challenges thanks to years of education.
    Agility Stealth and moving target – Lucy was well trained and in excellent physical shape, so hitting her is easier said than done.
    Luck Mysterious stranger, four-leaf clover – You need a lot of luck and the help of strangers to survive everything that is thrown at you.

    Lucy MacLean’s best weapon in Fallout 4

    Screenshot via Jon The Boss YouTube

    The best weapon for Lucy MacLean in Fallout 4 is Syringer. This weapon uses syringe ammo to damage and weaken enemies, depending on the type of ammo you use. Among many ammo variations, Lucy will surely choose a Pax syringe variant that turns targets non-violent.

    Where to find Syringer in Fallout 4

    Screenshot via Jon The Boss YouTube

    The Syringer weapon from Fallout 4 is found in the Greater Mass Blood Clinic. You will need to invest two points in Picklock to pick a lock on Expert level difficulty. When you enter, head to the basement and shoot some mosquitoes (it’s a blood clinic, remember?). After exploring a couple of rooms, you’ll find a syringe on the table. As for ammunition, you will have to craft it at Chemistry Station.

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