How to blob in Fortnite


    Online survival hit Fortnite may have been around for five years, but its constant clever reimaginings have kept it near the top of most-streamed charts at all times. Whether you prefer co-op PVE, Battle Royale PVP, or sandbox mode, there’s still plenty to love. Season 4 introduced a new substance, chrome, to the party. And with it, the chance to become a blob of chrome. Next we will talk about how to blobify in Fortnite.

    What does a Chrome Splash do in Fortnite?

    exist two ways to blobify you in Fortnite, which involves chroming yourself first. To do that, you can run through a chrome tornado (you can’t miss them) or find a chrome splash Article. You will often find a Chrome Splash in chrome hoodswhile you can also mine a Chrome Splash from a chrome covered tree with a beak once you have one use it at your own feet (like a grenade) to cover yourself in chrome, which is what will happen if you walk through a chrome tornado. And yes, it will work on other players too. Once covered, simply pique a blobify yourself in a drop of chrome.

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    Becoming a chrome blob certainly has its uses, as well as its obvious limitations. You are faster than usual and can run through the airso it’s a great way to escape from enemies. And there it is no fall damage, making cliffs a viable escape method. And speed can also be useful as an ambush technique, allowing you to approach an enemy at high speed and from an unexpected location. It also allows you phase through wallsLeaving a chrome mess in your wake.

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