How to become Invisible in Starfield


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    In Starfield, the extensive character-building options allow players to focus on different playstyles, and these styles are further assisted by various gear traits. Invisibility can become a deciding factor while building your character, as this lets you sneak around enemy territory or steal items efficiently. If you are looking to be quick, covert, and precise by lurking in the shadows, then here’s how to become invisible in Starfield.

    How to be invisible in Starfield

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    To become invisible in Starfield unlock Rank 3 Concealment skill or equip a gear item with the Chameleon trait. You can also get the Void Form Power (Starborn) from Temple Omicron to turn invisible in the game. During exploration, you’ll come across various Legendary Spacesuits, Packs, and Helmets, and they will have three specific gear traits. The Chameleon is one of these traits, and any gear with this quality can be worn to become invisible while staying still and sneaking around.

    After completing the Old Neighbourhood mission, I went ahead to find the Mantis armor set. This Legendary set consists of one space suit, one pack, and one helmet. The Chameleon trait can randomly appear on any of these pieces of equipment, and there is a method to save scum to get the traits of your choice.

    What does the Chameleon Trait do in Starfield?

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    The Chameleon gear trait blends your character with the environment while sneaking and not moving. Essentially, you can lurk around an enemy camp and snipe them from a distance. Likewise, infiltrating high-security areas or pickpocketing becomes easier. You will find this trait on Epic and Legendary Spacesuits, Packs, and Helmets. Remaining still in a certain position will make your character invisible, allowing you to get into safes, lockers, and contraband storages unnoticed.

    Can you stay invisible permanently in Starfield?

    Wearing a Spacesuit, Pack, or Helmet with the Chameleon trait allows you to remain invisible for as long as your character is hiding/sneaking in a crouched state. There’s a caution bar that pops up on screen showing if the enemies are aware of your presence. This bar blinks from white to red showing the following levels of caution by enemies.

    • White: Hidden
    • Green: Detected
    • Orange: Caution
    • Red: Danger

    Remember, you are hidden only until the enemies find the corpses, so it is ideal to sneak to a safer spot. You can also combine the Concealment skill with gear items that have the Chameleon trait to become a covert ranged damage specialist in the game.

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    Can you make companions invisible in Starfield?

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    Yes, you can make your companions invisible by trading gear items that have the Chameleon trait. So far, I’ve found the Chameleon trait only on Epic and Legendary rarity Spacesuits, Packs, and Helmets. Trade one of these items with your companions and select it as a favorite from their inventory. This equips the gear item on the companion, and you can use the same method to share weapons or different resources.

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    I’ve tried this out with companions like Andreja, Barret, Sam, and Sarah to infiltrate enemy hideouts covertly. Make sure to crouch and stay still for a few seconds to turn invisible along with your companion. Becoming invisible allows you to pickpocket from NPCs or sneak into the enemy’s lair without being noticed

    How to reroll equipment traits in Starfield

    The best and easiest method to reroll traits on Legendary gear and equipment is to save-scum the game before interacting with the item. For instance, if you are looking to reroll traits on the Mantis armor set, save the game before entering the room or touching the glass case. Restarting the game from this point allows you to get different traits rolled on the equipment. While the process is tedious, you can easily get the Chameleon trait on the Mantis set. You can also try out specific console commands, but keep in mind that it locks you out of all the achievements.

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    Best Chameleon Spacesuits in Starfield

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    The Mirrored Mantis Spacesuit is one of the best equipment you can get early on in the game by finding the Secret Outpost. However, having the Chameleon trait on this Spacesuit depends entirely on luck. You can try to reroll the gear traits by saving the game before interacting with the Mantis set’s glass case. Restart as many times as it’s required to reroll the traits you want on this piece of equipment. I got the Chameleon trait on the Mirrored Mantis Spacesuit (check the image above), and have upgraded it with a few modifications to make it versatile.

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