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    Peroxide has a lot of progression paths, and becoming an Adjuchas is a great one to choose, as it opens the route to becoming a Vasto Lorde (arguably the best way to progress as a Hollow). If you want to become an Adjuchas in Roblox Peroxide, I’ll guide you with all the steps needed to become one.

    How to get to Adjuchas in Peroxide

    Becoming Adjuchas is a little complicated; you have to perform some specific tasks to get there. To start, you have to become a Hollow, and the only way to do that is to die and press G to remove your soul chain. You will spawn as Hollow in Heco Mondo, where you will have to kill other Hollows and reach level 20.

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    When you are at level 20, you will get red eyes, but if you die in that state, you will lose them. There are two ways to get your eyes back: kill another red-eyed Hollow or wait for 30 minutes for them to automatically come back.

    The next step is to kill another red-eyed Hollow when you have red eyes to evolve into a Gillian. Once you become a Gillian, you must survive for 30 minutes while killing at least 30 other Hollows, at which time you’ll evolve into an Adjuchas. You can pull your mask off as a Gillian, but that blocks the path to becoming an Adjuchas.

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