How to beat the Puppet Master in Prodigy


    The Prodigy Game is a great mix of teaching and learning tools for math and a Pokemon-style pet collection RPG. Playing as a wizard on Prodigy Island you will explore numerous locations and battle creatures to collect items and complete quests. What makes it a great learning tool is that you can only attack after solving math puzzles, which gives you and your pets spell energy in return. Your ultimate nemesis is the Puppet Master, so read on if you want help in how to beat it in Prodigy.  

    Prodigy Math Game – How to beat Puppet Master

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    There is no specific way to defeat the Puppet Master, but it is a very tough opponent so you need to go in well-prepared. In terms of pets, aim to have two pets that do high physical damage and have a lot of health. Good pet options include Blastrout, Mystile, Squibble, and Stampede. Plus, make sure you’ve got the best equipment you can get your hands on (the Titan Power Armor is a great choice).

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    During the battle, the Puppet Master will take control of your pets. When this happens don’t attack your pets, instead concentrating all your damage on the Puppet Master. Just hit him with the highest damage spells you have. 

    While I’ve seen players beat it in the low 90s, there’s no harm in getting your pets and yourself up to level 100 by grinding before you take on the Puppet Master. Don’t forget you can use coins to level up your pets if you don’t have good candidates at a high level. Of course, you’ll also need to get all the questions right! Finally though, if you lose don’t give up. Remember there is a luck element to the combat, so you may just need a few fumbles from the puppet Master to give you the edge! 

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