How to Beat the Huntress in Remnant 2 – Huntress Guide


    Remnant 2 features many different boss fights that present a real challenge to players because they require team cooperation and a lot of effort to take down. Huntress is an optional boss in Losomn, a powerful melee weapon next to the Dreamcatcher. She is a pretty agile boss, and I had difficulty adapting to her attacks initially. If you’re struggling with beating her, we have made this guide to outline the best tactics to defeat this powerful boss in Remnant 2.

    How to kill the Huntress in Remnant 2

    The easiest way to kill the Huntress in Remnant 2 is to take the Dreamcatcher staff and attack her, giving you the Huntress Dream consumable. You can drink the potion, and it will transport you to Briella’s Reverie, a secret location where the terrain configuration will allow you to defeat her much more quickly. It will initially be filled with regular enemies, but the Huntress will come and attack you at a certain point. 

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    Once the Huntress arrives, use the vantage points to take shots at her. This boss is rather challenging, so we always recommend playing with friends to have the most optimal team coordination. Her weak points are both her head and her steed’s head, so go for headshots as much as you can for added damage. Keep your distance from her; her goat-like steed can deal massive damage up close. She has the following attacks you must watch out for:

    • Goat Jump: The Huntress will perform a leap towards you using her goat-like steed. Perform a dodge roll out of the way to avoid it.
    •  Horn Bash: The steed will make an upward-bash attack. Dodge-roll out of the way in time to avoid it. This attack is difficult to predict because it happens quickly, so try to avoid the steed as much as possible.
    •  Crows: The Huntress will summon three spectral crows to attack you. You must shoot all of them down before they reach you.
    •  Tripple Swipe: The Huntress will perform a triple-swipe combo using her spear. Keep your distance from her, dodge-rolling three times for each strike.
    • Cyclone Slash: The Huntress will launch a powerful torrent of energy after performing a 360-degree turn to power up.

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    How to easily cheese the Huntress in Remnant 2

    There is also a new way of defeating the Huntress in Remnant 2 involving using her AI limitation. When you find her spawn point, plot your escape route to the nearest ladder to an upper level. Wake the Huntress up by shooting at her and immediately run for the ladder. This tactic may take a few tries since her attacks are pretty damaging.

    Once you climb up the ladder to an upper level, avoid any ranged attacks by the Huntress. At one point, she will just stand at the bottom of the ladder looking at you without attacking. You will then be able to take her down at your leisure.

    Rewards for defeating the Huntress in Remnant 2

    Upon death, the Huntress will reward you with the following items in Remnant 2:

    • Scrap x3
    • Lumenite Crystal
    • Tome of Knowledge
    • Venerated Spearhead
    • Sacred Hunt Feather (Alternate Drop)

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