How to beat Phantylia the Undying on Honkai Star Rail


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    The biggest problem with Phantylia the Undying in Honkai: Star Rail isn’t that she’s immortal. It’s the fact that many of us don’t live long enough to see her die. But don’t worry, I’m here to make sure your next battle of Phantylia is your last. Here’s how to defeat this Ravager of Destruction.

    HSR Phantylia the Undying Tips and Tricks

    Fantylia has three phases. However, it only introduces one new move (an AoE in phase two) and nothing else. The challenge in this battle is not her: it is the flowers. With that in mind, you should only adjust your strategy when facing the flowers, not Phantylia herself. Dan Heng and Jing Yuan’s passive will catch her eventually.

    Best Team Composition vs. Phantylia on Honkai Star Rail

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    Fantylia is weak to three elements: Lightning, Wind, and Imaginary. The best people to have on this are the Blade, Bump, Sampo, luocha, Bronyaand, curiously, Seele, despite their quantum affinity. If you don’t have Luocha, you must bring Natasha. If you don’t have any of the DPS I mentioned above, bring a character with an item that Phantylia is weak to, like Serval or Dan Heng.

    You should also have a taunt and/or protector on your team. fire pioneer works better for me, but I’ve also seen people clear the battle with March 7th. The latter can also clear debuffs, so it works well.

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    How to beat Phantylia the Undying – first phase

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    In the first phase of this battle, the flowers take your skill points when it’s their turn. If it’s a single target DPS, it should focus your attacks on the flowers. But if you have multi-target units like Sampo and Welt, activate their abilities so you can steal Phantylia’s HP as well. Flowers restore your skill points once they are destroyed. If you keep defeating them you should be fine for the most part.

    How to beat Phantylia the Undying – second phase

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    In the second phase of the battle of Fantylia, flowers block a section of your HP bars. It’s not worth defeating them here just to get them to leave you alone. Instead, Focus your attacks on Fantylia (or use multi-hit/AoE attacks) and use your cleaning unit(s) to remove the debuff from characters that have them. Luocha, Natasha and Marth 7th can do the job, no problem.

    if you are using fire pioneeryou can use his ability to taunt enemies so they only target them for that debuff. This should help you handle cleaning a bit better. At higher Balance levels, make sure they have enough Effect Hit Rate for their taunts to land.

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    How to beat Phantylia the Undying – final phase

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    For the final phase of Phantylia, summon both types of flowers to complicate your life. Here’s a quick rundown of the things you should be doing here:

    1. Wear multi hit, AoEand Ultimates they are as much as possible to get a chance to hit Phantylia. If you have Seele, you’re in luck. She can kill flowers pretty fast.
    2. If you only have DPS from a single target, remember what you did during the last two phases. Prioritize flowers that take skill points.
    3. If you have a character that can taunt the enemy, that should be the only ability they are using.
    4. Clean any character with reduced HP debuff ASAP. Even at higher levels, some of my units got wiped out just because I forgot to do this.
    5. If you can’t clear them in time, make sure they have a shield to survive Phantylia’s AoE.

    And that’s it. As long as you avoid dying, Lightning Lord and Dan Heng will slowly reduce Phantylia’s HP for you.

    Did you use a different strategy to win against Phantylia in Honkai: Star Rail? We’d love to hear about your battle in the comments section!

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