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    You’ll need to know where to find Fabric in Palia if you want to make more advanced crafting recipes or unlock the Glider.

    Knowing how to unlock the Loom in Palia is also immensely useful as you progress through the game and can make resource gathering easier and cheaper in the process.

    Read below for our full rundown of where to get Fabric, how to make Fabric and how to get the Loom in Palia and set up your lot into a prospering homestead.

    Where to get Fabric in Palia

    Screenshot showing where to get Fabric in Palia

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    Fabric can either be made or bought like most things in Palia. You can buy Fabric from the Furniture Store, simply go inside then access the materials store via the cash register by the doors.

    Screenshot showing where to get Cotton Seeds in Palia

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    Alternatively, if you have access to a Loom (see below for instructions on how to unlock the Loom recipe) you can make your own Fabric. To do so, purchase Cotton Seeds from the General Store and grow Cotton at your home plot.

    Once ready to harvest, place the Cotton into the Loom to make Fabric.

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    How to unlock the Loom in Palia

    Screenshot showing where to get the Loom recipe in Palia

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    To get the Loom recipe, you must first reach crafting level two by crafting furniture at a workbench. Once you have levelled up this skill, trade with Tish. Chat with her and select the shop icon to the left or press the G key when you approach her to access her furniture recipes.

    Purchasing the Loom recipe will mean you can make Fabric and Leather, two key ingredients for making the Glider and exploring more of the mysterious ruins.

    Once you have the recipe to make the Loom you will need the following materials:

    • Sapwood Plank x 15 (make these by putting Sapwood into a sawmill)
    • Plant Fiber x20 (you can get this by clearing away bushes and trees)
    • Copper Bar x2 (place Copper Ore into a smelter)
    • Ceramic x5 (place Clay into a smelter)

    Extra smelter recipes can be purchased from Hodari after levelling up the mining skill. Once you have the Loom, place it on your lot and put Cotton into it to make Fabric or animal hide in it to make Leather.

    Now you should be all set to make more advanced furniture recipes or unlock the Glider in your game, which you’ll need once you get past the Ancient Battery riddle.


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