How do you unlock the Whiteout stage in Vampire Survivors?


    Vampire Survivors offers me a simple and addictive challenge; I’m always looking for a new high score or powerful combination. The unlocks are my favorite part, especially with new content like the Whiteout stage in Update 1.7.0. Whiteout provides a new scenery and a new experience, gaining a pleasant snow feeling. However, you must first unlock Whiteout before you can play this stage in Vampire Survivors.

    How to get the Whiteout stage in Vampire Survivors

    Unlocking the Whiteout stage in Vampire Survivors requires you Collect 20 orologies.; you can do this in any stage. Once you’ve completed this, you’ll gain access to the Whiteout stage and begin working towards the Glass Fandango, a new spear weapon that packs a punch. But Whiteout also contains other secrets and rewards.

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    Other finds in Whiteout are the Antidote relic and access to the post-game stage, Tiny Bridge. You can find the Chaos Altemanna in Tiny Bridge. Whiteout is a smaller stage than you can use as well, but don’t let that fool you; still delivers an excellent time with a spectacular soundtrack. Continue reading below for more information, tips, and tricks for Whiteout in Vampire Survivors.

    Whiteout Stage Tips and Tricks – Vampire Survivors

    The blackout is a 20 minute extra stage where enemies move slower than usual. Firearms are more powerful than normal, making them more effective in this scenario. You will encounter snowmen as you explore and try to survive; Destroy them to collect gold, pickup trucks and even Orologions. Whiteout is not considered a post-game stage, so you shouldn’t have too much difficulty.

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