Honkai Star Rail is finally getting the Fire DPS we all want – here’s what we know about Firefly (Sam)


    Honkai: Star Rail officially turned one and somehow managed to do it without releasing a single reliable Fire DPS unit. But with the exciting announcement about the upcoming release of Penacony’s not-so-dead stowaway Firefly (aka Sam), gone are the days of us killing the Doomsday Beast with Asta and praying for Himeko to process its follow-ups.

    Here you’ll find everything you need to know about Firefly, including its release date, route, kit and more. This article contains spoilers for Penacony’s Trailblaze quests, so proceed with caution (although the character art is already a major spoiler)!

    Who is Firefly in Honkai Star Rail?

    Firefly is a stowaway whom we meet in Penacony and quickly bond with. He suffers from a disease called entropy loss syndrome, which causes his body to deteriorate over time. By entering Penacony’s Dreamscapes, he can live without worrying about his physical body. However, shortly after her chance encounter with Firefly, a Memory Zone meme stabs her to death. The tragic incident leads us to discover one of the greatest mysteries of Penacony: Can people die in their dreams?

    The answer is pretty obvious, as we finally meet Firefly, who reveals herself to be Sam, the huntress of Stellaron.

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    Honkai Star Rail Firefly (Sam) Release Date

    Image via HoYoverse

    Honkai: Star Rail has revealed the official drip marketing assets for Firefly (Sam) before the Version 2.2 update, meaning it will be released in Version 2.3. The update will arrive in mid-June.

    Meanwhile, version 2.2 will see the release of five-star physical characters Robin (Harmony) and Boothill (The Hunt). Exact banner alignments will be revealed in the Special program on April 26, 2024, giving you time to count your Stellar Jades and decide whether to look for the Version 2.2 characters or wait for dear Firefly. I’m as torn as you are between Robin and Firefly, who we thought were the same person at one point.

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    Honkai Star Rail Firefly (Sam) route and leaked kit

    Honkai: Star Rail has confirmed that Firefly (Sam) will be a five-star Fire character who follows the Path of Destruction, solidifying his position as a DPS unit. However, as Firefly has not yet entered the HSR beta, we know little about his kit.

    According to leakers, he could supposedly switch between his normal and mecha state by transforming and has a technique that allows him to move quickly while avoiding the gaze of enemies. If this is true, then it will have amazing functionality for world exploration, like Acheron, Topaz, and Numby. More information about the Firefly kit will be revealed once beta 2.3 begins, shortly after the release of version 2.2.

    Are there other Fire DPS units in HSR?

    Honkai: Star Rail has a small lineup of offensive Fire units, but their damage isn’t particularly exceptional and none are obvious DPS picks you can rely on for any content, unlike Jingliu, Blade, Jing Yuan, Seele, and Acheron.

    For example, Hook follows the Path of Destruction but has low stats and lacks overall damage, making her disappointing in most situations. Topaz and Numby follow the Path of the Hunt, but rely heavily on a specific team build to perform follow-up attacks, making them unreliable as the team’s primary DPS. Meanwhile, Himeko’s low damage multipliers make her unable to get through powerful bosses, making her not a good choice outside of multi-wave farming or as a sub-DPS unit.

    While little is known about the finalized Firefly kit, the timing of its release and the obvious lack of a reliable Fire DPS unit is a clear opportunity for Honkai: Star Rail to take advantage of a gap in the market. As a result, Firefly will most likely fill the role of an easy destruction DPS like Blade, and we’ll likely find out more about his gameplay once the 2.3 beta begins.

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