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    You’ll complete the main story at the Herta space station in Honkai: Star Rail fairly quickly, but did you know that there are more treasures waiting for you if you go back and explore? You can find basic treasure chests, formidable enemies, warp trotters, and more! This is where to find all these things in the Base Zone on the Herta Space Station.

    The seven basic treasure chests in the Honkai Star Rail base area

    You can find some of these treasure chests while playing as Kafka during the game’s opening, but you won’t be able to find all of them.

    All basic treasure chests in the upper half of the base zone

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    All Basic Treasure Chests are out in the open in the Base Zone. You must complete the first part of the road to revival side quest to unlock the two treasure chests in the left wing at the top of the map.

    All basic treasure chests in the lower half of the base zone

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    These basic treasure chests are also on display. You’ll want to search the two chests in the main chamber on the bottom floor.

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    Where to find the Base Zone Warp Trotter on Honkai Star Rail

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    The Warp Trotter can only be found in the Base Zone returning as the Trailblazer. Remember to inflict a weakness break on the pig as soon as possible with physical, imaginary, or quantum characters before it runs away!

    Where to find the formidable enemy in the Honkai Star Rail base area

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    There are two Formidable Enemies to encounter in the Base Zone. The fist is unlocked along with two treasure chests after completing the first part of road to revival. The second Formidable Enemy can only be found after finding three key cards and starting the Void of Locus Silentii Side mission.

    To find all three key cards, defeat the first Formidable Enemy found here, talk five times to the Man with an Afro near the Herta Space Station World Store in the Master Control Zone, and complete the Requiem Mass sidequest.

    Tips to Defeat the First Formidable Enemy in the Honkai Star Rail Base Zone

    The Formidable Enemy’s fight here is against a glow out of space and two flame spawn. The boss is weak to physical and ice characters, so plan to prioritize physical pathfinder abilities to lower his toughness bar and take advantage of March 7 shields and counters for extra damage.

    Defeating this formidable enemy will unlock a precious treasure with which arrows Three Star Cone of Light and 30 Star Jade.

    Tips to Defeat Locus Silentii Formidable Foe Void in Honkai Star Rail Base Zone

    Formidable Foe’s second fight is a two-part battle against Voidranger: Distorters, Voidranger: Eliminatorsand Rangers: Raiders. Since the two-part battle can drag on a bit, we decided to use two support characters, March 7th and Natasha, to challenge the fight.

    Defeating this formidable foe unlocks another precious treasure chest with a four-star lore light cone, The seriousness of breakfastand 30 Star Jade inside.

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