Hasan defends Kai Cenats response to sexual assault allegations, says victim deserves a higher consideration if she works


    Kai Cenat finally broke his silence about the sexual assault allegations swirling around him and today his New Year Eve party. That stream was broadcast to the viewers that he talked to Jovi and that his victims were in contact with the same woman she claims she assaulted her, Djigui Seck. Kai told his viewers that he’d already gone to the police, and that an investigation into the situation is still being carried out.


    What he did was not aware of the victim as it should have said to his viewers. Specially considering the severity and detail of the crime.

    Hasan watched Kais stream while explaining to his viewers all the facts of the allegations. Hasan noted that from the tweets and Instagram posts of Jovi, Jovi kept over the expectations of victims of sexual assault, looking for a rape kit and trying to identify the man she thought to be her assaulter.

    She did so much more, Hasan said, in regards to how many steps Jovi has already done in trying to get justice. Even so, Hasan noted that she is still fighting an extreme battle that many may never believe. The expectations for victims in the same circumstances are so high. So high and clear it seems that people are ok, maybe I will trust the victim. And no matter what happens, nobody continues to do that.

    Analyzing the threads in which Jovi wrote and posted a text message, Hasan pointed out why Kai was reluctant to name that man that Jovi believed assaulted him, and he didn’t seem sympathetic to them in many of their alleged texts.


    While Jovi finds out that Kai knows the person she’s identified as her assaulter, she seems defensive. Hasan notes that, based on all the current evidence presented by Jovi and on all the evidence that Kai has known Djigui Seck for years (that Kai confirmed on his stream) was perfectly reasonable to assume that Kai wasn’t trying to help Jovi, but to protect the person he has known for years instead.

    As for the police as Kai says he’s immediately done, it proved the right move, but nevertheless there is no doubt that Hasan believes that more consideration and protections could and should’ve been extended to Jovi in such a situation that weren’t, would have been completely correct.


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