GTA 6 players were tricked by another secret Rockstar teaser.


    A recent tweet from Rockstar Games has given fans even more reasons to think that GTA 6 is on the horizon.

    While the tweet itself is advertising an event freebie for GTA Online, eagle-eyed GTA players have spotted a background clue that hints at the next game in the franchise.

    A rockstar tweet seems to have included another GTA 6 teaser.

    A recent tweet from Rockstar Games has fans of the franchise excited for GTA 6.

    The post, which advertises the ability to collect a free Red Happy Moon Tee in GTA Online in celebration of the Moon Festival, includes a photo of the two characters wearing the shirts.

    In the background, the letters VI are clearly visible, exciting the players.

    Rockstar hasn’t made any official announcements for the next game as it stands, however, that hasn’t stopped eager fans from looking for clues in the company’s posts.

    Fans believe that hints of GTA 6 are being added on purpose.

    In response to the tweet, several people have pointed to the letters, and are hoping it’s a nod to a future game.

    One particularly enthusiastic player, LoadingMeerkat, has even gone so far as to use the tweet to decode when they think the game will be released.

    He said: “GTA games are known for teasing on Tuesday, with the moon phase on Tuesday, October 3, female and male protagonists as we’ll see in GTA 6, VI clearly on the mark. Apparently, Rockstar has posted similar images before.Other GTA game trailers/teasers have been released.

    One fan suggested that perhaps the addition of V and I was unintentional, saying: “Maybe VI is just a coincidence, it doesn’t mean anything,” however, others were quick to point out that it was Seems very deliberate. At least it means the designer has a sense of humor.

    Others have readily acknowledged the subtle cues, praising the rockstar team for keeping them on their toes.


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